Heath Ledger fans campaign for the Joker to be retired

By Johnny Daniels
Contributing Writer, [GAS]


When Heath Ledger died his untimely death, it was a tragedy to be sure. But his fans think that his performance as the Joker was so good that no actor can do it better. So they want Hollywood to “retire” the Joker character to ensure that no-one plays the role ever again.  In order to attain their goal, they have started a web campaign to garner support.

You can sign the petition (for all the good it will do – I am very cynical about online petitions), download a Joker card, join the Flickr page, visit their YouTube or Facebook page or subscribe to their RSS feed.

But the site is attracting some rather negative and nasty comments such as the one below :

“The group says once they get 50,000 signatures they’re going to march on Warner Bros. or something like that. In the time that it takes them to get 50,000 signatures for a petition that stupid, I’m guessing that I could build a device to electroshock Heath Ledger back to life so he can continue the role himself.”

As the Joker himself would say “why so serious?

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