Woman who misses flight goes absolutely nuts

By Johnny Daniels
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

The woman in the following video missed her flight to San Francisco from Hong Kong airport. Rather than calmly accepting her situation and booking herself onto the next available flight, she decided to go all Kamikaze on everyone. In the process, she became a YouTube sensation.

She was later allowed onto another flight, no doubt after a thorough cavity search and being maced a few times.


7 Responses to Woman who misses flight goes absolutely nuts

  1. You don't really expect someone from China to go all ghetto drama queen.

    Now it happens, and is not out of the norm, here in the US where we have a whole (sub) class that thinks – ME, NOW, SCREW YOU, THE WHOLE WORLD OWES ME, I WANT IT RIGHT NOW AND YOU'D BETTER GET AT IT OR I'LL SUE.

    Some call IT a subculture. I call it thrash.

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