Become the Dark Knight for only $7.4 million

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

As millions of people head to the movie theaters to see The Dark Knight, you too can be Batman – if you have a spare $7 million and change lying around.

The Chicago Tribune has a feature showing you each step you have to take and how much it will set you back.   From the suit to the car to the butler and much more.   As you will see, saving the world and getting the girl isn’t cheap.   The suit itself would take up just over $2 million of your budget.

But if you want to go the low budget route, the “Cheapo’s R-Us” strategy, then the Tribune has that covered too.   Just head towards the end of the article for some options leaning towards the Homer Simpson end of the price scale.   Oh look – a small Batmobile toy from Toys-R-Us for $27.99!  Holy Smackeronies Batman!

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