Bloggers : The typing more and moving less syndrome (Video)

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

This blog post by David Risley kind of hit a raw nerve today because it is a problem that all bloggers face sooner or later.

Blogging is a sedentary occupation.   I personally sit in my chair for 12 hours or more, 6 days a week.   Yes, I have breaks and walk around, but I don’t do a lot of strenuous exercise.   Blogging isn’t like working on a building site or working as a police officer or fire fighter.   It just involves sitting in front of a screen, typing away.    I enjoy what I do, but it’s hell on my lower back and neck.

This also means I am tempted to snack away on junk food while I am typing.   So quite often you’ll see chocolate wrappers, empty soda cans and so on around the computer monitor.   As a result, my weight has shot up over the past few years to the point where people are asking me when I am going to give birth to my triplets.

Now this is not uncommon with bloggers and other home-based workers.   You sit around all day, hardly moving, eating crap and the weight is going to eventually start piling on.    I keep telling myself I should start going to a gym to workout, but how many people tell themselves that but never go in the end?   I’m sure you tell yourself that too but never go either.   It’s human nature to get lazy and put it off in favour of opening another beer.

Which is why the best thing to do is : eat less and move around more!