When you die, go out geek-style

By Mark O’Neill

My favourite Star Trek movie by far has to be The Wrath of Kahn.   Not only do we get a good story but we also get Spock selflessly sacrificing himself for the sake of the ship.   As the movie ends, Spock gets shot out of the Enterprise torpedo tubes in his coffin.    As a Scotsman, I especially liked Scotty with his bagpipes.

Now you can have a Spock death too.   OK, you won’t be able to save the USS Enterprise from Ricardo Montalban but at the very least, you can be buried in a Spock coffin.

No word though on whether you can also have a Vulcan burial robe to go with it.    Or whether it’s possible to be shot by torpedo tube onto unstable planets with homicidal Klingons on the loose.   Ah well, you can’t have everything.