New Indiana Jones movie trailer released

By Mark O’Neill

indianajones.pngThis was going to be a good movie year for geeks but there has been one major set-back to ruin the party. The new Star Trek movie has been delayed from a Christmas Day 2008 release to a May 2009 release. God dammit Bones!

But as usual, Indiana Jones rides to the rescue! A new trailer has been released for “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” which is still slated for a May premiere.

Despite being an old man, Harrison Ford still looks as good as ever, running about and crashing into truck windows.   Then he runs down to the post office to crack his whip at the evil postwoman who tries to scam him out of his pension check.

This is going to be a good installment to the Jones trilogy and as usual, it makes archaeology look downright sexy.

I am really disappointed in the delay of the Star Trek movie.   I don’t understand the logic of moving it to a time when it is competing against two other major movies – X Men Origins : Wolverine and Angels and Demons.