Turn webpages into iPod-friendly reading files

By Mark O’Neill

In case it isn’t glaringly obvious yet, I love my iPod. So I am always looking for ways to expand its use beyond just playing music. It is an excellent device for carrying your email address book, reading e-books and for consulting Wikipedia. But you can also apparently turn webpages into text files for iPod reading with iPodulator.

The only downside to this plan is that it doesn’t show any images on the page and you obviously can’t visit weblinks.   All the service does is takes a webpage and turns it into a text file which you can then read on your iPod screen.

All you need to do is visit the website and insert the URL of the webpage you want to convert.   It will then give you a page which looks like gibberish but in actual fact it looks perfectly fine when you see it on the iPod.    Save the page to your computer then transfer it to the “notes” section of your iPod.

There’s even a bookmarklet available which you can click on to instantly turn any page you’re on into iPod format.   Webmasters can also create iPod-friendly content which they can advertise on their site.