How long until “Whois” dies?

ICANNThe Whois service, which reveals the identity of Web site owners, could soon be a thing of the past.

The service, even if highly useful to many, has been highly criticized by privacy advocates, who say individuals should have the right to remain anonymous on the Web.

I have to say that I use the service quite often, mostly to track and contact people who steal content from [GAS]. Most of the time, these people leave no contact information on their Web site, so Whois is often the only way to get in touch with them.

The Whois database falls under the responsibility of the ICANN, the organization responsible for managing domain names on the Web. Last Wednesday, ICANN called a meeting to analyze whether or not they should disband the service. Unfortunately, even after 7 years of debate, it was decided further discussions were needed before a decision could be taken.

So with this debate in mind, here’s a question for you readers: Do you think a service such as Whois is a necessary evil on the Web? The comments section is open and we’re eagerly waiting to know your opinion on the matter.

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