Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play Launches Charity Drive 2007

Child's Play Charity By David Peralty
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

My favorite web based comic, Penny Arcade, is starting their Child’s Play initiative once again. This is their fourth year of running the charity, and I hope to see it continue growing bigger and bigger every year.

The premise of the charity is simple, give gaming technology to hospitals to improve people’s stay at an otherwise not so fun-friendly place. Since 2003, the initiative has been able to give over $2 million in games, toys, and cash to hospitals worldwide.

From their site:

Now in its fifth year, Child’s Play has expanded its network of beneficiary hospitals to over 25 states and five countries across the globe with additional partner hospitals being added each month. Child’s Play works in conjunction with to create wish lists for participating hospitals. Individual donors can choose to give new items ranging from toddler toys to music CDs, videogames, game consoles and accessories. Gifts are delivered directly to hospitals in need and are tax deductible as denoted by law.

The annual Child’s Play Fundraiser Dinner Auction will be held Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington. The semi-formal evening features a silent auction, dinner and live auction. In 2006 the dinner raised over $200,000 in one night, with all fundraising proceeds going directly to the Child’s Play network of hospitals.

I really believe that this charity is doing great things for children’s hospitals around the world, and I hope that if you can, you will help by promoting the project, or sending a contribution to it. The Child’s Play Charity deserves your support and once you are done donating, be sure to read Penny Arcade.