How to: Repair a CD or DVD with a microwave

This simple technique will help you bring those scratched CD’s and DVD’s back to life. Before proceeding, be sure that you have the following ingredients:

1- A regular household microwave
2- Ice cream
3- Chocolate syrup
4- An egg
5- A sliced dill pickle
6- A marshmallow hamburger

We’ve covered several technique on how to fix damaged CD’s in the past, but this one is the most innovative so far. See the following video for instructions:

I’ll say it once again BEFORE the video. Do NOT do try this! The following video is a JOKE. you should never put a CD or DVD in a microwave. It seems that even though the tone clearly humorous in the video and that I posted a warning saying that the video was a joke, some people actually thought it was real. the warning was extremely clear, so don’t come and blame us because you do not know how to read.