Star Wars collector tries – and fails – to sell his empire on eBay

By Mark “Yoda” O’Neill Contributing Writer. Begun the eBay auction has – and then it ended with no bids. mcfadyenb tried to sell his huge Star Wars toy collection on eBay and failed. Maybe it was the price he was asking for – a start price of $24,450 or a Buy It Now of $34,500. […]


How to get free drinks at a bar

Since we’re Friday and some of you may feel like going out and party tonight, here’s a trick that will allow you to get a round of free drinks for you and your friends. The trick is simple. You have to bet that you can use a sherry glass to drink brandy contained in a […]

Simroid: The retarded dentist-training robot (Video)

Here’s Simroid, a new robotic dental patient designed to act as a training tool for dentists. Not only can this robot follow vocal instructions, but it can also react in a human way to certain situations. So if the dentist in training pokes Simroid a bit too deep in the gums, the robot can respond […]

Kids derailing high-speed train

These kids had the brilliant idea of derailing a train, and guess what? They got away with it. Unbelievable! I won’t spoil the end to you and let you watch the video. Enjoy.

How to build a lie detector for under $20

Here’s a short video tutorial that will teach you how to make a cheap lie detector for under $20. Can anyone here confirm if “commercial” lie detectors also work that way?

Scan your servers for the SANS top 20 Internet security attacks

If your servers’ services are exposed in one way or another to the Internet, having a reputable IT security firm run a scan on them might be a good idea. Qualys, a company specializing in vulnerability management, just launched a free service allowing you to scan any box that has a public IP address for […]

OLPC project brings North American culture into Africa

The following cartoon from the folks at Joy of Tech depicts perfectly one of the many problematics that OLPC laptops might bring into African culture. Enjoy!

World’s fastest zip line: The next best thing to flying

Claiming to be the world’s fastest, tallest and steepest zip line, this South African attraction is 918 ft. tall and goes at a top speed of 100mph. Looks like great fun doesn’t it?