“Makers” documentary preview – The Mouse Trap

By Brian Boyko
[GAS] Contributor

I’ve got a second quick clip from “Makers” my documentary about do-it-yourselfers at the Austin Maker Faire.

This five minute movie deals with a live-sized Mouse Trap. As in the game, Milton Bradley’s Mouse Trap.

While you can find the standard definition of the video embedded below, if you’ve got the hardware and bandwidth for it, you can head to the Vimeo Web site to view this movie in 720p High Definition, and download a copy for you to keep, share, or send out on P2P networks. Because while you can’t sell it for money, you’re free to copy the movie and share it.

I’m still working on the rough cut – and even this little clip will probably be a little changed from the version you see here in the final movie. But if you happen to have a distribution network for the final product – I’m looking for one and feel free to contact me at the e-mail address at the end of the film.

Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions in the Comments section. More previews to come.

– Brian.