Study: Piracy is good for the music industry?

According to a new study recently conducted by British researchers in the name of Industry Canada, people who download music online usually do it to get a preview before purchasing the album. Strangely, even though the report was release a few days ago, it bears the date of May 4, 2007. The study is based on data that dates back to 2005.

If we’re to believe this study, for every two albums downloaded illegally, one is purchased by someone convinced (by the download) the CD is worth buying. This means that for each one percent increase in illegal downloads, an additional four percent go to legal music sales in the Canadian market.

Is there anyone here that cares to express himself on the matter? Do you think that by downloading music on the Internet, you are actually helping the music industry?

For those of you interested in looking at this report, it can be downloaded on Industry Canada’s Web site.

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