The 12 Days of Leftovers [Video]

Yeah, this is an ad, but it’s an hilarious one, and considering what we’ll probably all be eating the the next few days, it’s really appropriate.

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GREAT SCOTT! ‘Back to the Future’ LEGO Set To Be a Reality!

Back in May, we told you about Cuusoo, which is a “is a suggestion system used by Lego to test the market for licensed Lego sets”.

Fans can submit LEGO ideas, and it takes at least 10,000 signatures for LEGO to seriously consider the fans’ ideas, and a Back to the Future set was in the running.

Well, power to the people, baby, because this metaphorical clock tower WILL BE HAPPENING!


The set hits shelves in mid-2013 and will come with enough LEGO bricks to outfit the DeLorean into the version from any of the three movies!

Plus, the designers are donating any royalties to the Michael J. Fox Foundation!


Amazon Deal of the Day: 50% Off Logitech Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote with Color Screen – $59.99 + Year-End Deals in Electronics Accessories


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the Logitech Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote with Color Screen for just $59.99 plus free shipping. That’s 50% off the remote’s usual retail price of $119.99. Also, be sure to check out Amazon’s year-end deals in their electronic accessory section.

Logitech Harmony 700 is the rechargeable remote that’s simple to set up and use. It can go a week between charges, so you won’t be looking for batteries when you want to watch TV. Its color screen can show icons for your favorite channels as well as the commands you need for the devices you’re using. And its one-click activity buttons automatically turn on the right components and select the right settings depending on what you want to do. It replaces six other remotes and supports 5000+ brands and 225,000+ devices, so you can be confident it will work with what you own today, and the things you’ll add in the future.

Logitech Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote with Color Screen

Year-End Deals in Electronics Accessories (Up to 60% Off)

Top 5 Least Viral Videos of 2012 [Video]

A list of the 5 least viral videos of 2012 as compiled by Conan and his team.


Geeky Nativity Scene [Pic]


Ryker and Deanna Troi as Joseph and Mary, with a bunch of other characters beloved by geekdom substituting for the other participants of the original nativity scene. How awesome is that? :)

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Set Your DVRs for ‘The Walking Dead’ Christmas Special! [Parody Video]

…it’s not any MORE ridiculous than the Star Wars one, right?

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Saruman’s Heavy Metal Christmas [Music Video]

Nope, this isn’t even a joke. Here’s Christopher Lee performing his new Christmas Single, featuring the “The Little Drummer Boy” and “Silent Night”.

One does? not simply rock into Mordor.

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Scientists Sequencing the Christmas Tree


Researchers in Sweden say they’ve captured most of the genes found in a Christmas tree. It’s part of a wider set of international projects aiming to one day sequence the conifer family.

A study at the University of Laval suggests that the genome of conifers has changed very little in the past 100 million years, while flowering plants have changed dramatically. This partly explains why dinosaur-era fossils often show evidence of plants looking remarkably like conifers.

It seems the explanation is that conifers quickly found and established a natural home, particularly in cold climates, while flowering plants had to adapt to changing circumstances and fight for space. That’s also why there are comparatively few variations in the conifer family: the Laval’s Professor Jean Bousquet pegs the number of conifer species at 600, compared with more than 400,000 flowering plants.

Conifers have become of particular interest to scientists looking at DNA because they fill an important gap in the list of plants that have been genetically sequenced: their historical stability means they can help explain wider patterns of plant evolution over history.

Although a conifer such as a Christmas tree might look very simple to humans, they actually have about 50 percent more genes in some cases. Capturing and sequencing them is particularly complicated because the plants are so much larger than humans and contain much more DNA, much of it non-gene DNA. It could be compared to playing Battleships with only a few extra ships but a board six times bigger.

Researchers hope that not only genetic projects involving conifers help in research into forestry management, but it may throw up new insight into genetic sequencing itself.

The Laval team have already come up with a partial sequence of a loblolly pine covering about a million pieces of DNA, thought to be half the total, taken from a single pine nut. They hope to have completed genomes of the loblolly, sugar pine and Douglas-fir by 2016.

Meanwhile the Swedish researchers have captured around two million DNA pieces from a Norway spruce, better known as a Christmas tree. They think they have most of the 35,000 or so genes thought to be in the tree, but now need to work on correctly sequencing the genome.

Iron Man’s Perfect Christmas Sweater [Picture]

Iron Man knows his stuff when it comes to Christmas sweaters.

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Gingerbread Mars Rover [Pic]


This gingerbread version of the Curiosity rover was built by Caltech, which built the rover that is currently exploring Mars, for the holidays. Om nom nom nom.

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To All Humans, Happy Holidays! [Rube Goldberg Machine – Video]

Here’s a video from the folks over at Solve Media, who built a cool Rube Goldberg machine as a way to say happy holidays to their fans!


Terrifying Alien Action Figure from 1979 [Video]

Scariest toy ever!

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