Celebrate Pi Day by Baking Your Very Own Pi Cake!

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Pi day is right on our doorstep (March 14th,) so why not celebrate by baking your very own Pi cake with this awesome Pi baking pan?

  • PI BAKING PAN – Celebrate Pi Day, the 4th of July or your Birthday with this Pi-shaped baking pan, which allows you to turn ordinary cakes, brownies, and quiches into a mathematical masterpiece! Extra crust included!
  • FOR A STANDARD CAKE MIX – With it’s capacity of approx. 5.5 cups (1,4 liters), which equals a 9 to 10 inch pie tin, the pi cake mold can hold enough batter for a standard mix.
  • NON-STICK – The pan’s non-stick coating prevents your baked goods from sticking to it. Since sharp metal objects might scratch the surface and thus impact the non-stick properties, we recommend to simply flip your baked goods onto a plate before cutting them.

[Pi Baking Pan]

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