Google Goggles turns translator

Those of us not lucky/smart enough to read foreign languages have, until now, been fairly poorly served by technical replacements to the trusty travel phrase book. There are, of course, plenty of standalone handheld devices which are simply electronic phrase books with keypads, some of them offering text-to-speech features. An existing Google phone app attempts […]

Stephen Hawking on Aliens, Real Possibility of Space and Time Travel

Stephen Hawking has partnered with the Discovery Channel to present a new documentary series called “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking” covering some pretty wonderfully geeky subjects including alien visitors and time travel. But don’t get all excited. Mr. Hawking, as ever, is measured in his approach—though his comments on time travel will likely cause […]

Winscape Windows: The Coolest and Geekiest Windows you’ll Ever See

So, can’t stand the view of the wall from your windowless office? Wish you could see something else than a featureless landscape from your drab bedroom? Enters Winscape: Because waking up in the same place every morning is just too boring. Winscape features include: Custom Winscape software with configurable screen parameters Two HD plasma displays […]