LEDs Get Thinner, Implanted: Geeks Everywhere Ponder the Implications

Pictured above: those are LEDs. On the tip of a pencil. Yep, in this article io9 talks LEDs–thin, bright, flexible LEDs that are so slight they can be slipped under paper, on pencil tips, and, well, under your skin. Just imagine the possibilities. John Rogers of the University of Illinois is the brain behind this […]

ReBoot Gets Rebooted

I remember watching the CGI animated cartoon series ReBoot as a kid and being blown away by the quality of the animation. Of course, by today’s standards, that type of 3D modeling can be done by your average college student. I guess this is one of those “back in my day” type of things for […]

Chess Computers Reach the Next Level

13 years on from Deep Blue beating Gary Kasparov, the idea of a computer beating a champion human at chess doesn’t seem that outlandish. But now a computer has beaten a leading player at shogi, more colloquially known as Japanese chess. Why’s that so impressive? Well, the general concept of the game is similar to […]

MovieReshape: Tracking and Reshaping People in Videos

So, need to lose a few pounds or gain body mass to participate in a movie or a TV series? No need to work out or starve yourself anymore, thanks to MovieReshape! We present a system for quick and easy manipulation of the body shape and proportions of a human actor in arbitrary video footage. […]

Curtain-twitchers recruited for CCTV monitoring

Some people are really really nosy. The police can’t be everywhere at once. Put those two points together and you’ve got a simple, if controversial, solution to low-level crime. Internet Eyes, which is launching in the British county of Devon, allows internet users to monitor CCTV footage from participating businesses. They’ll then get a token […]

Google TV-Ready Revue for $300 by Logitech

Since Google announced Google TV in May, there’s been a bit of speculation about just when it will be available and how it will work. According to CNN, Logitech has been at the forefront of device manufacturing for Google, but until today details were fuzzy. Well, now we’ve got plenty of details and a price: […]

Michigan exposes laughs and concerns in DC election security showdown

Hacking an electronic voting system is illegal, undemocratic, deeply irresponsible, and an affront to everyone who ever fought against tyranny. But done the right way, it can also be funny. A web-based voting system, designed for District of Columbia voters to cast their ballot from overseas, has been suspended after students at the University of […]

The Thrifty Geek: Five Steps To That Next Gadget Buy


Let’s face it: we’re in a difficult economy, we geeks. We covet the expensive, the shiny, the technologically advanced, all in spite of our financial situation. Sure, some geeks are lucky. They’re good with numbers and programming and, in spite of economic woes, can manage to get by and drive new cars and snatch up […]

Awesome Tech: LightSpace from Microsoft Research

LightSpace combines elements of surface computing and augmented reality research to create a highly interactive space where any surface, and even the space between surfaces, is fully interactive. Our concept transforms the ideas of surface computing into the new realm of spatial computing. [Via Microsoft Research]

ENVISION: Step into the sensory box [Video]

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box was created by French media agency Superbien and shown at the last Mobile World Congress. The public was invited to enter the “box” to discover the philosophy behind the 2010 edition of the congress: Transforming the Mobile Experience.

Robot Art on Display at MASS MoCa

Robot Art? Yes, indeed, you read that right. Starting October 23, 2010, visitors to MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA, are in for a big surprise: a work of art conceived and created without human hands. From designbloom: …diaz’s ‘geometric death frequency—141’, a sculpture made from 420,000 black spheres made and assembled by robotics. the […]

50 years of Japanese Concept Cars

Pink Tentacle, a Japanophile focused blog, shows 50 years of concept cars from Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and others. Some of these concept cars showed off features and designed that made it into later year models – the 1997 Nissan Hypermini looks very much like the Smart Car that made it into production in 2000, and […]