The Next iPhone Screen as Big as the Galaxy?

[Photo Credit: Gordon Mei] According to the Korean Maeil Business Newspaper, Apple has started placing orders to suppliers for the bigger 4.6-inch display (compared to the current 3.5-inch display) with the retina display that’s been installed in “The New iPad”. (Side note: what the eff is up with this stupid name for what SHOULD be […]

Use Your iPhone to Control your PC while Gaming

For all you PC-gamers, hardware tweakers and media junkies, there is a new App in development that promises to give you control over your computer through your iPod/iPhone (and soon Android and Windows Phones) and compliment your gaming in new and creative ways. The app is called Power-Grid by German PC Gaming accessory company Roccat. […]

Pay-per-view could get more literal

Want to hit rewind and replay that great sporting moment again? Gonna cost ya. Trying to fast forward through commercials? Pay up buddy. That’s the world we could be living in if a recently-published Microsoft patented technology becomes adopted by cable firms. Entitled “Control-based content pricing”, the heart of the concept is that a “content […]

Microsoft’s New Experimental High Performance Touch Surface [Video]

Modern touch devices allow one to interact with virtual objects. However, there is a substantial delay between when a finger moves and the display responds. Microsoft researchers, Albert Ng and Paul Dietz, have built a laboratory test system that allows us to experience the impact of different latencies on the user experience. The results help […]

Another Giant Leap for 3D Printing

So we can print on the nanoscale. No biggy. But now we can print five metres per second! That’s a world record – 3D printing by this method of “two-photon lithography” used to be measured in millimetres per second! The new printing technique printed 100 layers in four minutes with an accuracy of less than […]

Musical Poster Sounds a Smart Idea

The problem with using posters to promote local bands is that the performers are left relying on a catchy band name or an attractive publicity photo to attract new followers rather than the merits of their music. Until now that is. A British design agency has shown off a prototype of a poster that, despite […]

Auto-translation gets more personal

Microsoft believes it has taken automatic speech translation to the next step: using something close to your own voice rather than what sounds like a robot. There have been several developments in speech recognition and translation in recent years, most notably Google’s translation app on Android that can allow two people who speak different languages […]

The People Behind the Way We Live [Infographic]

Do you know how most of the inventions you use every day really came to be? Check out the following infographic for some interesting facts about many “technologies” that we now take for granted. Oh, and if you spot anything that you think is missing from the infographic, be sure to let us know in […]

Identify the Song Stuck in Your Head

Let’s be honest, as intelligent geeks, we know most of the stuff in how-to’s around the web. We’re pretty much the people that write them. They’re usually designed for the less-than-tech-savvy, who find them thoroughly engaging, but often we find how-to guides yawn-worthy. Well in one of the latest posts from How-To Geek I discovered […]

IBM’s Jeopardy champ gets Wall Street job

The IBM computer that beat two former champions at Jeopardy is going to work for financial giant Citigroup. It follows on from existing contracts with healthcare firms. While it may have seemed like a gimmick, there were very good reasons to develop the machine and test it on the TV game show. The “get answer, […]

World’s Fastest Running Robot: The DARPA Cheetah [Video]

This video shows a demonstration of the “Cheetah” robot galloping at speeds of up to 18 miles per hour (mph), setting a new land speed record for legged robots. The previous record was 13.1 mph, set in 1989. The robot’s movements are patterned after those of fast-running animals in nature. The robot increases its stride […]

Bender for Washington School Board President

Oddly enough, you have to know how to break into a computer like a criminal to get a job exposing flaws in existing computer setups. This is a skill best used for good instead of evil. Of course, the people who do this kind of thing are valuable because without them, we might have an […]