The Kitchen of the Future

The Guardian has a stimulating new article on the development, by researchers at MIT, of the “kitchen of the future”. You get home late, unsure of what to make from the random collection of ingredients in your cupboard. A while back you might have speed-dialled for a pizza but now, instead of worrying about eating […]

Cracked’s “5 Most Mind-Blowingly Huge Machines Built By Science”

Cracked consistently has some of the coolest articles, ever.  This new one details some of the physically largest scientific undertakings of recent history.  The Large Hadron Collider is there, amongst other monstrosities. via Cracked

StreetScooter Electric Car Built Through Crowdsourcing

The StreetScooter is a new electric vehicle that is currently being tested for street use.  It can go about 25 miles per trip, with a top speed of 74 mph.  But the most interesting thing about this new vehicle is the manner by which it was designed and built. The StreetScooter is being built in […]

World’s First Manned Flight Aboard an Electric Multicopter [Video]

At the end of October 2011, Thomas Senkel of e-volo made the first manned flight with an electric multicopter at an airstrip in the southwest of Germany. The flight lasted one minute and 30 seconds, after which the constructor and test pilot stated: “The flight characteristics are good natured. Without any steering input it would […]

HDTV turns 75

The world’s first regular high-definition television broadcast took place 75 years ago. Of course it wasn’t 720 lines, but it was arguably the birth of what we know as television today. The broadcast came from Alexandra Palace (pictured) in London on November 2nd, 1936. It came seven years after the first broadcasts aimed at a […]

Boston Dynamic’s PETMAN Moves Frighteningly Like You and Me [Video]

Hey, This guy can even strut haters gonna hate-style. PETMAN is an anthropomorphic robot developed by Boston Dynamics for testing special clothing used by the US Army. PETMAN balances itself as it walks, squats and does simple calisthenics. PETMAN simulates human physiology by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating inside the clothing to provide realistic test […]

The Future of Productivity According to Microsoft [Video]

Here is Microsoft’s vision on what productivity may one day be like… if the Cylons do not exterminate us first, of course. [Youtube]

OmniTouch: How to Turn Any Surface Into a Multi-Touch Screen [Video]

OmniTouch is a wearable depth-sensing and projection system that enables interactive multitouch applications on everyday surfaces. Beyond the shoulder-worn system, there is no instrumentation of the user or environment. Foremost, the system allows the wearer to use their hands, arms and legs as graphical, interactive surfaces. Users can also transiently appropriate surfaces from the environment […]

Now that’s what I call an ARM smartphone

A British man has built the ultimate smartphone dock: his left arm. Trevor Prideaux was born with only one arm and had previously had the inconvenience that using a cellphone (other than on speaker) meant he didn’t have a hand free during a call. But advances in technology brought new problems: now that he uses […]

This Tiny Robot Rides a Miniature Bicycle [Video]

This Kondo KHR-3HV robot was adapted by a guy named Dr. Guero to ride a miniature bicycle. It can pedal at up to 6 mph and uses a gyro to keep its balance. [Via]

Put Realistic Objects Into Your Life with New Software

Ever wanted to put a million dollar statue on your front lawn to impress your girlfriend’s parents? Well now you can! At least in the photos you send them of your not so swank duplex. Here are some examples of a new photo editing software to be demoed at SIGGRAPH Asia this December. A research […]

How to See Through Concrete Walls [Video]

Like almost all interesting technology, the radar array presented by the MIT students below is being developed for warfare situations–specifically those in urban areas where concrete or stone walls are commonplace. It works well enough to offer a count of people on the other side of a wall, but it can’t show you (yet?) whether […]