America prepared for online warfare

Keith Alexander is officially number one at online warfare’s Cyber Command. But he’s no sofa-slumper and it’s no game. Alexander is in fact four-star General Keith Alexander, and Cyber Command is a newly created subdivision of the US Army’s Strategic Command, which is effectively the military’s tech unit and already deals with missile defense and […]

BeBionic: A New Generation of Advanced Myo-Electric Hands

Complete with a range of naturally compliant grip patterns that provide repeatable accuracy, our powerful new hands combine innovative technology with life-like appearance. Functions of the hand such as speed, grip force and grip patterns may be custom programmed to suit individual user requirements through smart software and wireless technology. Lighter than existing products it […]

Pirates Sail Across Baltic Sea

This may be the only time you’ll ever read this sentence: Politicians have come to the rescue of filesharers. Sweden’s Pirate Party, which has one elected member in the European Parliament, has become the internet service provider of The Pirate Bay, the site at the center of much legal controversy in recent years. The deal […]