Apple to Refund iPads Down Under

She won’t be so happy when she finds out how inadequate it is…[Credit theunquietlibrarian] This be one for the Apple haters: Apple’s been attacked by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for engaging in “conduct that was misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive.” How come? Because down in Aus, there’s no […]

Applying For a Job? Be Prepared to Give Up Your Privacy

Facebook and your privacy is trending once again among news sites and the blogosphere. This time, Facebook is doing something right. They recently amended their Statement of Rights and Responsibility to reflect a current change among employers asking for potential hires and employees access to their personal Facebook accounts. According to Facebook’s chief privacy officer, […]

Underwater Missile Launch [Video]

Death may rise from the murky depths.

“The Most Absurd 3D-printable iPhone accessory”

Recently, Engineer vs. Designer challenged the world to make the most absurd iPhone accessory that could be made using a 3D printer. The prize was to win a Makerbot Replicator, with a retail value of $1999. Contestants were to upload their designs to and tag their entries with ‘EvD’. Unfortunately, the deadline was 19th […]

Military Robots Showcase [Video]

Robotic arms precise enough to lift a light bulb, yet strong enough to lift a set of weights. Robots that can search suspicious territory first without requiring a human being. Robots that can push around suspicious cars, break into them and take out the explosive device, safely away from any humans. Looks like the US […]

Now That’s How You do a Presentation [Video]

Bringing real magic to the iPad.

Anyone Need a Superfast Laser Cutter?

Lasersaur may be your answer! Super-fast dinosaur cutout! Speed! Lasersaur Cutting Plywood. from stefanix on Vimeo.   

Interactive Question Block Lights

This is an interactive 8-bit lamp

Looking to add a little unique lighting to your house? Then check out this awesome Mario Bros Question Box Lamp from 8 Bit Lit. It’s a soft LED light with an interactive touch panel that produces that lovely coin sound when it’s turned on, and a 1-Up sound when you turn it off. If you’re […]

14-Year-Old Created a Fusion Reactor [Video]

Now 17, Taylor Wilson talks about how he believes that kids can change the world – citing the nuclear reactor he made in his parent’s garage when he was 14 years old! Dream big people. He wanted to make a star, and he created something amazing. You may not be able to build a nuclear […]

Augmented Reality Down Under [Video]

The Aussies have a bit of fun, kicking around some angry birds and having a dance-off with Timomatic. Powered by Nokia Lumia, if you didn’t catch that.

All You Need is the iPad [Infographic]

What do you guys think? Is the iPad consuming all your digital needs, or is this a rather oversimplification of the complicated needs of geeks these days that will require multiple devices, regardless of the jack-of-all-trades quality of the iPad? [Via Daily Infographic]

The Next iPhone Screen as Big as the Galaxy?

[Photo Credit: Gordon Mei] According to the Korean Maeil Business Newspaper, Apple has started placing orders to suppliers for the bigger 4.6-inch display (compared to the current 3.5-inch display) with the retina display that’s been installed in “The New iPad”. (Side note: what the eff is up with this stupid name for what SHOULD be […]