Teenager Uses Fibonacci Sequence to Improve Solar Panels

How can we make solar panels work up to 50% better? Thirteen-year-old teenager named Aidan Dwyer discovered how trees use math in order to maximize photosynthesis, and thought that it could well be applied towards solar panels: On a bleak winter hiking trip to the Catskill Mountains, the 7th-grader from New York noticed a pattern […]

Scientific American’s Top 10 Cities for Technology

Seattle is the best city for technology, according to a statistical analysis by Scientific American. The cities are researched for their technology opportunities then scored and ranked in three categories. Though Seattle came out on top overall, other major metro areas fared well in all categories, too. Top 10 Most Tech-Friendly Seattle San Francisco Bay […]

Awesome: LEGO 3D Milling Machine [Video]

Arthur Sacek built this kick-ass three axis milling machine using only LEGO and a drill bit. The reveal is especially great, since the machine leaves most of the floral foam shavings intact and the sculpture is only uncovered after clearing away the debris. According to Sacek’s YouTube channel, this model was developed for ZOOM Education for […]

Flying Communications Before The Invention of Headphones

We take headphones for granted, but back in the days of the World War I flying aces (Red Baron, anyone?) there were no such thing. So how did flying student and instructor communicate over the noise of the airplane’s motor? With this contraption invented at the British flying school at Gosport, England: … device whereby […]

Free Online AI Course Draws 70,000 Student Hopefuls

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI 101), a course offered through a partnership with the Stanford School of Engineering for free online from October 10 through December 16, has received more than 70,000 pre-registration sign-ups. Participants will be allowed to register in late summer, according to ai-class.com. The instructors, Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig are rockstars […]

Technology is neutral: cops and robbers both benefit from BlackBerries

Social networking and mobile phones have been blamed by some for fuelling last week’s riots in the United Kingdom. But now police say they were able to use the technology to head off attacks at high-profile targets. While some of the less academically gifted rioters published their intentions on Twitter or Facebook, some ringleaders communicated […]

Music-Reading, Singing Robot Head Not Even a Little Creepy… Really [Video]

I’d like to start by acknowledging that this is a great achievement robotics–this machine can read and translate notes and rhythm from regular sheet music. That’s pretty awesome. But the weird Plasticine skin and jerky facial movement is straight out of every nightmare I had between the ages of four and ten. Chyi-Yeu Lin and colleagues […]

The History of Mobile Productivity [Infographic]

For a larger version, click here. [companionlink]

Inside the Google Robocar [Video]

YouTuber jurvetson got to ride in one of the Google Robocars on  and according to him, “it was thrilling.” It looks like a good time, anyway, and based on research of driving habits, autonomous vehicles aren’t really as scary as the idea of autonomous vehicles. No need to look for a parking space; just let the car […]

Microbots Are Frighteningly Lifelike [Video]

These millimeter-long microbots can swim and move other, heavier objects. Made up of grouped microparticles and powered by magnets, they arrange into tiny little starbursts and kind of swim around… then, because they can, the microbots unhinge their jaws(?!) and grab non-magnetic objects and move them about. In fact, it’s eerily similar to watching a […]

30 Years of the PC: an Infographic Timeline

PC Mag is celebrating the PC’s third decade (and the 30th year of its own publication, too) with an illustrated history of the technology and magazine, including notable names, hardware and benchmarks along the way. Follow along with our timeline as we point out a few of the important folks, products, and waystations in this […]

Building blocks come into the 21st century

Sometimes the free market produces products that fill a genuine need at a sensible price. But sometimes it produces stuff that’s just plain neat. Today marks the sales launch of Sifteo Cubes, which were first unveiled back at January’s CES show. They are simply 1.5 inch cubes with an electronic display, wi-fi connection and three-dimensional […]