Bringing Back Magic to Technology

From the wonderfully mystical lands of India, they refuse to allow machinery to crush all the magic that life has to bring. So illustrator/writer Shilo Shiv Suleman embarked on a quest to use the iPad to create magic, rather than destroying it. If you ask me, she’s done a fine job of it. [Via TED]

Rumor Has the iPad 3

Image credit: MacRumors As with almost any upcoming Apple product, rumor runs rampant and speculation goes wild in the ramp up to the iPad 3 announcement – which we’re all now expecting on March 7th. Will it have this, that, and the kitchen sink thrown in? As the cyber world expands, it becomes more and […]

Crowdsourcing & Smartphone Technology Saving Lives

This is a talk by Dutch technologist and innovator Lucien Engelen giving some pretty cool insights into how technological innovation has and can revolutionize the healthcare system, and may just save lives. He covers his wifi weighing scale that automatically gives you your own personal pressure, Biggest Loser style with your Twitter followers, as well […]

Introducing the Swinglet: An Autonomous Flying Robot Bird [Video]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, yes and no. This, ladies and gentlegeeks, is the swinglet, an autonomous, ready-to-deploy mini drone that weigh less than half a kilogram and features a complex AI to help it navigate through designated areas. It comes equipped with a high resolution camera and can take off […]

The Robot Invasion Begins With A Buzz

It’s not going to be the I, Robot machines, not the Cylons, not even Skynet: it’s going to be the RoboBees that will lead the AI insurgence. Inspired by the artisan’s touch in origami constructions, a new fabrication technique is allowing doctoral candidates at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) to advance […]

Hideaway Car Elevator for your Driveway

Sometimes I think about how unique my home would be if I had the expendable cash to customize it with whatever inventive features I wanted. This falls into that category: It is called the Cardock. It is billed as a unique garage, but it is more of a garage alternative – an awesome garage alternative! […]

GPS providers prevail in 4G interference war

The Federal Communications Commission has nixed a company’s plan to offer 4G broadband through a new network of cellphone towers and satellites. It ruled that LightSquared’s plans would cause too much interference for GPS devices. The idea was to create a network using the LTE system for mobile data transmission, then wholesale it to wireless […]

Spray-On Antenna Technology Revealed at Google’s Solve for X Conference

A start-up called Chamtech Enteprises has an answer to the problems of poor cellphone reception and other shortcomings of traditional antennas. The company has developed a spray-on antenna that it says is more lightweight, energy-efficient and effective than the old-school version. (Where was this stuff when the iPhone 4 came out?) [Via WSJ/a>]

Mattel to release a Real Back to the Future Hoverboard

Back to the Future has offered us a peek into time to come, but most impressive is the technology that we are likely to encounter – according to the film. The future was already predicted when Marty McFly tries his hands at a classic arcade game from the 80s in a retro-styled diner. The kids […]

Introducing DarwinBot: The Pet Companion Robot [Video]

Jordan’s a developer on the Microsoft Robotics Team and recently built a remotely operated robot for interacting and playing with his pet over the internet. It has two way audio and video through Skype, a ball launcher, treat dispenser, ball recovery arm and a pan & tilt camera. It is built on the Parallax EDDIE […]

A Day Made of Glass: Taking a Look at the Future of Technology [Video]

Watch and share “A Day Made of Glass 2,” Corning’s expanded vision for the future of glass technologies. This video continues the story of how highly engineered glass, with companion technologies, will help shape our world. [Via]

3D Printing Breaks into the Medical Field

Photo Credit: organprinter So we’ve all definitely heard the hype surrounding the 3D printing technology. Yes, it’s been around for a while, but it’s now taking off like a whirlwind – with everything from 3D remote control aeroplanes to opening a whole new range of sculptural artistry – and it seems like the Star Trek […]