Supreme Court Rules On Aereo, Cellphone Searches

The Supreme Court has made two key rulings on tech-related cases today. It’s ruled against Aereo, an online service that thought it found a loophole in broadcasting laws. And it’s ruled that the police do not generally have a right to search cellphones during a warrantless arrest. Aereo allows paying customers to access over-the-air broadcasts […]


Why the Dvorak Keyboard Didn’t Take Over the World

Perhaps no technological failure is better known than that of the Dvorak keyboard. Since the early 1870s nearly every typewriter used a keyboard with a QWERTY layout, yet most studies show the Dvorak arrangement of keys to be faster. This videos probes the underlying reasons that this arrangement failed to make headway in the marketplace. […]

British Cop: Half of Police Calls Involve Social Media

A British police official says around half the calls (incidents) with front-line officers involve comments made over social media. The  revelation came from Alex Marshall (pictured), the head of the College of Policing, which oversees training of new officers. He was speaking on the BBC’s Law In Action radio show. According to Marshall, According to […]

How Sony’s Betamax lost to JVC’s VHS Cassette Recorder [Video]

After being away from his channel for almost 2 years, Bill Hammack, the engineer guy, is back with a new series of videos featuring various technological products that failed to grab hold of the market even though they were great devices. Here’s the story of how Sony’s Betamax lost to JVC’s VHS Cassette Recorder. In […]

Amazon’s Own Phone Brings Gesture Tracking And Easy Buying

Amazon has confirmed it’s releasing its own smartphone. It’s not quite the 3D spectacular originally rumored and another of its key features is as much about Amazon’s bottom line as user benefit. The 32GB edition of the Fire phone is available exclusively on AT&T for $199 with a service plan, or you can buy it without […]

Dress Makes Data Exposure More Literal

A New York designer has created a dress that exposes her skin in proportion to the amount of data she has — knowingly or otherwise — exposed about herself online. Xuedi Chen says the project is designed to explore questions about how personal information is made public when somebody uses online services: “Since I have […]

Satellite Mapping Imagery Gets More Detailed

The US government is to allow mapping sites to use more detailed satellite images. It could lead to more disputes about personal and corporate privacy and national security. Until now, companies using satellites could only publish pictures at a resolution that meant items or features had to be at least 50 centimeters across to be […]

The Difference 30 Years Can Make [Pic]

Did you know, the entire library of 822 original NES games can now fit on one single microSDXC card… 40 TIMES! [Source: Reddit]