The Cycloid Drawing Machine: A Fascinating Spirograph Creator

Since childhood, most geeks have been attracted to the Spirograph. Simple enough in execution, but exquisite in detail, they are science, math, art, and geometric magic, all merged in one. Joe Freedman of Leaf may have taken that appreciation of the Spirograph even further with his remarkable Cycloid Drawing Machine. So what is a Cycloid […]


Do Computers Get Slower Over Time? [Video]

It seems like a simple question most computer geeks would be able to answer: Does your computer slow down over time and get, essentially, weaker? So what is your answer? Exactly, you want to say yes but are truly unsure of the specs and details. That, my fellow geeks, is exactly why you should watch […]

The Nintendo Knitting Machine: Mind Officially Blown

This ad is not a joke. Found on Imgur earlier today, I did some digging, and sure enough, this thing was very close to actually existing. Although we may laugh at the prospect now, imagine all the nerdy and or tasteless sweaters we could have made for ourselves and friends. I almost wish this DID […]

What ‘Fallout 4’ Would Look Like If It Were Still 2D Isometric

Some guys who are working on a game called Stasis right now decided to show some love to Fallout 4 by making some shots of the game as if it would have been made as a 2D isometric title (think Diablo for example). The results are breathtaking. Is it too much that I want the […]

True Next-Gen: The “Until Dawn” Cast Was Captured Perfectly

Until Dawn is a fun PS4 game keeping players busy with its scares and hefty decisions, but do you realize that all the characters in the game are mo-capped from actual actor and actresses? And on top of that, they captured them all perfectly. Stands as a current testimony to how far games and graphics have […]

Price and Pre-Sales for Portable Steam Machine Smach Zero Announced

A portable, handheld console that plays games from STEAM? I. Must. Have. One. Smach Zero, the third-party handheld console for Steam games, will open for pre-order on November 10 at an early bird price of US$299. (IGN)

Flashback: Blizzard Press Release from 1996

You look at this and realize just how far Blizzard have come. Or have they? (Insert mystery music so fans can speculate among themselves after Diablo III debacle.) (Via Imgur)

Man Makes Video Game To Cope With Son’s Terminal Cancer

To have a child who is terminally ill is something you would wish on no person. But sadly, it does happen and is something some people have to live through. One man took the news and decided to do something proactive with it to help him deal and potentially help others down the road in […]