The Poly Bridge Phenomenon (Gameplay Video)

Polybridge is slowly becoming one of those buzz games. For those unfamiliar, it is a game where you build bridges for vehicles to cross. Thing is, things can get complicated. Though it seems the game has spawned a bunch of really good players, they clearly must be engineers having great fun with this game, because […]


Because You’re Worth It: The Future Of Hair Graphics Is Impressive

NVIDIA HairWorks is a piece of tech being mastered right now that renders the hair of characters to be more realistic and have physics relative to real hair. The problem with it is it saps performance quality quite a bit. They are working on making a version that has the physics and graphics that represent […]

The 30 Best Games of E3 2015

E3 was a spectacle this year, and very few have walked away from E3 2015 not stunned by something. That show had something for everyone. From Sony’s unbelievable game lineup to Microsoft’s amazing new controller and 3D hologram minecraft, this was the most tech-impressive E3 yet. But what games stood above the crowd as the […]

Walking Lanes For People Texting Show Up In Belgium

Mobile device repair shop MLab has installed “text walking lanes” in Antwerp, Belgium, and all I am saying is, for all the cases of people walking off piers and falling in lakes while texting in America, we might need these pretty soon, too, and they are a brilliant idea. It is just a shame we […]

10 Things You Might See at E3 2015

So of course, we are all pumped as hell for E3 2015. Seems every year there is an E3, there are always throngs of fans who just cannot wait to see that ONE game that they have been pining for either get announced or get a release date. On top of that, E3 2015 is […]

SensorWake: Help Fund An Alarm Clock That Wakes You With Scents

Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up to the beautiful scent of a warm croissant every day instead of a buzzing alarm clock? Well, good news. Soon (hopefully) you can.  SensorWake, which is on Kickstarter right now, is the alarm clock we have all been dreaming about. It uses the waft […]

The Code Black: A Sick-Looking, Compact, HD Camera Drone

HD camera drones (and drones in general) are becoming huge right now. Whether being used for war tactics or being used by some stoners to shoot fireballs at themselves and film it, drones are proving to be the next step in our technological revolution. The Code Black HD camera drone looks to take it even […]

An Interesting, Animated Look at The History of Weapons

Weapons have been used since the first moment man figured out he could kill another man (or an animal) without using his hands. But the truth is, as much as we all are aware of modern and historical weapons (swords, cannons, and so forth), how much do we REALLY know? Well, unless you are schooled […]