Interview with AudioCommon’s CEO Phil Cohen

One of the breakout stars from this year’s SXSW festival took his passion for music and his desire to create a new collaborative experience for musicians and the entire music industry to a deeper, more enriching level. MIT grad Philip Cohen has created a new cloud-based platform that transforms the way music is created. AudioCommon […]

Augmented Reality Helmet Wins ‘Wearable Tech’ Award at SXSW

Wearable technology is no longer this vague idea we think of from sci-fi films. While walking around downtown Austin during SXSW, I stopped noticing how many people were outfitted with their Google Glasses or Samsung Smartwatches anymore. It was just as commonplace an accessory as a hat or sunglasses. These devices, which create a deeper, […]

Telltale Games and Gearbox Software Team Up for New Borderlands Game #SXSW

When two of the video game industry’s most lauded companies embark on a journey together, you know something special is going to happen. Telltale Games, in conjugation with Gearbox Software, has a present for Borderlands fans later this year, and it looks better than any diamond pony. Tales From the Borderlands is going to be […]

Original 1954 Godzilla Film Returning to Theaters in Spring

Giant monster fans, rejoice! Japan’s most notable atomic-age monster will be making his way to theaters twice this year. While a new Godzilla film is slated to come out in May, fans in major cities across the United States will have the opportunity to see the original 1954 film on the big screen. A new […]

Geeks are Sexy at SXSW: Day 1 [Gallery]

The annual film, music and interactive festival kicked off in Austin yesterday, taking over most of downtown and the surrounding areas. One of the big draws this year is the Gaming Expo. Indie developers were out in force, showcasing some fun, sometimes educational, and some fully immersive video games for fans to take a crack […]

Geeks Are Sexy is Going to SXSW and We Want Cosplayers!

Geeks Are Sexy is sending corespondent Meredith Placko to Austin, TX next week to cover the annual film, music and multi-media event. And we want to feature you! Austin is known for keeping it weird, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that cosplayers will strut their stuff during the event. If you want to […]

Adorable, crocheted Matthew McConaughey gives SXSW advice!

Everyone remember when Matthew McConaughey was busted in Austin for playing the bongos neked? Well, CraftyIsCool has crocheted him in the buff, with just his bongos, and he’s spewing out cool advice for first-timers to SXSW! Want to know where to go or what to do in Austin? Check out Tolly Moseley interviewing McConaughey for […]