Augmented Reality Helmet Wins ‘Wearable Tech’ Award at SXSW


Wearable technology is no longer this vague idea we think of from sci-fi films. While walking around downtown Austin during SXSW, I stopped noticing how many people were outfitted with their Google Glasses or Samsung Smartwatches anymore. It was just as commonplace an accessory as a hat or sunglasses. These devices, which create a deeper, more inter-connected experience for the user, are also being developed for specific purposes in mind. One company, the Silicon Valley-based Skully Helmets, wants to place their augmented reality helmets on the heads of motorcyclists.

The great thing about the Skully helmet is not only does it look like something out of a sci-fi film, but it could lead to a safer experience for drivers. Fitted with a 180-degree rear view camera which projects images of the space behind the driver, theĀ  helmet allows for a greater peripheral view of the wearer’s surroundings. This tech could also have major implications for extreme sports enthusiasts, giving a wider view of their surroundings and helping the navigation process as a whole.

Skully took home the award for ‘best wearable tech’ at SXSW, competing against 47 other companies in the category.