Original 1954 Godzilla Film Returning to Theaters in Spring


Giant monster fans, rejoice! Japan’s most notable atomic-age monster will be making his way to theaters twice this year. While a new Godzilla film is slated to come out in May, fans in major cities across the United States will have the opportunity to see the original 1954 film on the big screen. A new restoration of Toho’s pinnacle film will play in select theaters following New York’s Film Form, beginning April 18.

Toho Studios, the company behind the Godzilla’ franchise, made kaiju-style, or giant monster, films a successful genre. To date, nearly 30 sequels to the original Godzilla movie have been produced. The cult to mainstream popularity of this style throughout the world was in no small part of 2013’s Pacific Rim’s success in box offices. 

SXSW will be hosting a screening of the original 35mm Godzilla film on Tuesday, March 11 at 9:30 PM at the Alamo Ritz. Gareth Edwards, director of the upcoming Warning Bros. and Legendary Pictures Godzilla film, will be on hand for a limited Q&A. Which you can catch in theaters across the US beginning May 16.

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