It’s Not a Trap: Admiral Ackbar Makes It Into ‘The Force Awakens’


There is something awesome about seeing familiar faces in franchises we love. though Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars may be remembered as a somewhat minor character, his “It’s A Trap” line is almost as quoted as all the bad Yoda impressions Star Wars fans spit out. But it looks like the Admiral will be making an appearance in The Force Awakens. Tim Rose, who played Ackbar, recently had this to say:

“Out of the need to be secret, we’re not actually able to get everything we need to do our jobs as well as we could,” he said. “And as someone who has been doing it for 35 years, I find it very frustrating.”

Rose works as a puppeteer and gets into a full-on costume to operate and play the animatronic character of Admiral Ackbar. It is a role he never expected to return to, likening the arduous conditions of acting in the costume to Guantanamo Bay.”

Let’s just hope this isn’t a trap. Get it, Ackbar and Guantanamo Bay? Sorry, that was low hanging fruit.

Image, Story Via The Robot’s Voice