Take a Closer Look At the New Costumes from the Upcoming Power Rangers Movie


Nostalgia is a really tough highwire act to master. You have to hit all the right chords without it seeming like you are pandering to the fan base, yet you don’t want to stray so far from original that fans do not recognize what they loved in the first place. That seems to be the fine line the new Power Rangers movie may be walking delicately. While a fun, mindless show that many of us remember from our teenage years, does that mean we will want to see it on the big screen all extra shiny and filled with explosions?

So far, speaking for myself anyway, it is hard to gauge.

I am equally hesitant and eager, if I am allowed to be an oxymoron for the moment (whereas usually I am just being a regular moron). Part of me wants it, and part of me sees the above outfits in this pic and feels like it may be trying too hard.

Too early to tell, though, and genuinely withholding all judgement until I see the actual movie, but it looks like they are trying to be a little TOO Marvel and not enough actual Power Rangers. We shall see in time, though. And if nothing else, you know Tony Stark probably digs their outfits.

(Source: USA Today | Story, Image via I09)

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