Magic Is Real: Iron Giant is Playing in Theaters Again!


I had heard about a re-release of Iron Giant during 2015, but had no idea of anything other than that. Meanwhile, today I am writing about the amazing film and while Googling it, found (and crappily screen-capped and circled) the simple fact that The Iron Giant is playing at a movie theater not very far from my house. Granted, it is playing ONLY at ten a.m., but The Iron Giant is something you get out of bed for. This made me so happy, you have no idea.

One of the best (old-school, pre-CG) animated movies ever NOT made by Disney, and if you ever find yourself lucky enough to see this movie on the big screen, you best take advantage of that. Just bring a box of Kleenex like I am tomorrow, because that Superman line turns me into a bawling baby every time I hear it.

But heck, it is well worth it to watch this Brad Bird work of art come to life.

Editor’s note: If you want to check if the movie is playing near where you live, use IMBD “Showtime and Tickets” section.

[The Iron Giant: Signature Edition (Pre-Order)]

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