The Madness Behind the Vehicles in ‘Mad Mad: Fury Road’


The one thing most people will walk away from Mad Max: Fury Road thinking is “how did they just do that?” From the sets to the outfits to (most importantly) the cars, how did they make such beautiful anarchy come to life? Well, it all started with a very simple mantra from the insane (and awesome) director. “Make it cool or I’ll kill you.” No joke. From there, they knew they had their jobs set out for them:

That meant cars brimming with personality and with an absolute minimum of technology. They had to be shells to impose and convey each of the character’s motivations – stars unto themselves that could stand alone, and also stand up to the sheer lunacy of what Miller had planned.

From there, they knew they had no choice but to make the best damn car movie ever made, and it could already be said that they may have done just that. I mean, just look at the shot below. No CG in there. How can you not drop your jaw at that?


(Images, story via Jalopnik)

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