‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Review: It’s Even Better Than It Looks


The one Summer movie I have really been drooling over is Mad Max: Fury Road. Looks like one of the most insane and over-the-top action movies ever. Good news for other folks clamoring to know how good the new Mad Max is. From the sounds of it, it’s going to e as astounding as we all already assume it is.

From Village Voice:

This doesn’t feel like a film that exists. How is George Miller’s bonkers, exhausting, no-future smash-’em-up Mad Max: Fury Road not one of those almost-was boondoggles mourned and dreamed of by fans, a revered director’s impossible vision that, thanks to the un-stout hearts of studio beancounters, never actually vaulted from storyboard to screen?

But Fury Road somehow is. In the era of greenscreened blockbusters, we have an R-rated studio release on which a 70-year-old director blew hundreds of millions of dollars crashing real cars into each other in Namibia. You know the charge that Furious 7 feels like what you would get if you asked a Hot Wheel-loving ten-year-old to work out the beats of a screenplay? Fury Road is what the kid might dream up at fourteen, stoned at the motocross, keyed up on Mountain Dew and old Conan comics, except instead of writing a script he’s lighting those Hot Wheels on fire and chucking them at your face. He’s also, touchingly, a feminist and eager for you to know it. Plus he’s tireless, touched with some genius, and you would not believe just how many of those cars he has to throw.

If that doesn’t sell you, well, you must be dead inside.

(Image from ToplessRobot)

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