The Creepy and Cool World of Shironuri Fashion [Picture Gallery + Video]


The term “shironuri” literally means “painted in white” and this eclectic Japanese street-fashion style is cropping up in Western subcultures. The defining feature of shironuri is the stark white face that women paint on themselves using traditional Geisha makeup. The fashion ranges from gothic lolita to mori girl (forest inspired) to outlandish garb you would expect to find on the Goblin King himself. The style was made popular by street fashion artist Minori, who was interviewed by Tokyo Fashion in the above below about her creations.

When the snowpocalypse hit Hothlanta Atlanta, my friends asked me to do a photo shoot of them in shironuri style. I have to say,  it was one of the most fun and creative shoots I have ever done! I hope you guys enjoy this creepy, yet crazy fashion style growing from the heart of Harajuku!

Models and Styling: Lauren M. and Savannah A.
Photography by: Meredith Placko