10 Most Overpowered Weapons In Video Gaming History

Some gamers complain about how overpowered weapons can suck the fun out of a game. How suddenly, you go from being mortal to be a killing machine who cannot be dropped. I am not one of those complainers. I play games to feel a false sense of power that my normal life doesn’t allow me, so when I suddenly get a weapon that makes me a living nuclear bomb, I enjoy that feeling. We are all so powerless in daily lives sometimes we deserve to feel true, unyielding power.

This list is about games with massively overpowered weapons (which by no means is a bad thing if you are like me), but some gamers think these weapons make certain gaming moments too easy.

I grew up on old-school Nintendo, everything is too easy now by comparison, people (except Dark Souls games, of course.) Wild weapons just make said games that much more fun!


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