This ‘Fox and the Hound’ are Best Friends (Just Like the Disney Movie)

There is nothing more adorable than seeing two animals who clearly are supposed to be enemies in nature being best friends in real life, and that is just what you have here. Much like the beloved Disney movie The Fox and the Hound, these two met and just hit it off instantly.

They’re supposed to be sworn enemies, with one forced to hunt and kill the other for sport. But despite their natural instincts, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were a couple of playful pups, as this unlikely fox and hound pairing have formed an unbreakable bond. Whether they’re play fighting in the garden, or snuggling up together on the sofa, Cora, a Siberian husky, and Teagan, a young vixen, are completely inseparable.

Also, safe to say this one won’t end with the hound having to lay across the fox so its master won’t shoot it like in the movie. Man, that messed me all up.

[Via LaughingSquid]

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