8 Essential Artist and/or Writer Runs for New Comics Fans (and Old Ones Playing Catch-up)

There are some artist and writer team ups that any fan of comics needs to experience if they really want to consider themselves true fans of the craft. Sometimes, an artist’s style and a writer’s flow will click together, and the end result ends up being a part of comics history. For example, when talking […]

Dress Like Your Favorite Superheroes In Style With Marvel Clothing from Five Four

Good news for fashion conscious geeks who wants to represent their favorite super heroes, but want to do it with a little more style. Seems online fashion distributor Five Four has teamed up with Marvel to create and exclusive new line of clothing. The best part is, we are not just talking about t-shirts with […]

10 Villains Who Were Supposed To Come Back….But Never Did

Here is the general rule about ‘pain in the butt’ bad guys (from movies, TV, and gaming). True villains never die. They never really go away. They may vanish for a bit or lull an audience into a false sense of security, but that’s their job. The reality is, when you LEAST want to see […]

Everything You Need to Know About New Spider-Man Universe (and All Its Spidermen)

First of all, the Spider-Verse contained in the Spider-Man comics is huge and far-reaching. For a great example, just look at the Spider-Man video game, Shattered Dimensions. It lets you play as four different versions of Spide-Man. Do you know why that is? Because the Spider-Verse is filled with WAY more Spidermen and Spiderwomen than […]

Why You Need IDW’s New ‘Samurai Jack’ Comic Book in Your Life

Samurai Jack was one of the greatest cartoons ever made. This is not a question or a discussion. This is a solid fact. From the animation style to the brilliant, time-spanning story line, nothing about the show wasn’t exceptional. That fact alone should be enough to sell you on the new IDW Samurai Jack comic […]

Batman Death of the Family Arc Brings Life Back to an Old Foe and DC Comics

It’s been a long time since I have enjoyed a Batman title. One of the few series from DC Comics that I would consistantly throw money at every month, it about stopped during Batman’s RIP and subsequent resurrection arc, where we learn he was his own great-great-great grand father and possibly the first human to […]