Dear Netflix: PLEASE Give Punisher His Own Show


Let’s all be honest for a second: the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil TV show was pretty darn good. Great action scenes and a city filled with palpable tension made for a great sped up origin story, but stuff didn’t really get popping until the end of the season. But season two of the show has been stellar. And nowhere is this displayed more than in Murdock’s interactions with the Punisher, played brilliantly by Jon Bernthal (feel the bern!) who we all know best as Shane from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The thing is, the episodes and moments with the Punisher on the show are just so dark and violent and do more justice to the character than all 3 of the sub-par movies that have come along in last 30 years. So I am here to make a plea to Netflix on behalf of all geeks and Punisher fans. You handled him so well on Daredevil, please, please give the exact same actor the exact same role and give Punisher a spin-off show. Trust me! And then extend that character into his own Marvel flick with a hard R rating. I know what I am talking about.

Everyone I talk to about season two talks WAY more about the Punisher than they do about Daredevil (though he is badass, too) and seeing how you are giving Iron Fist and Luke Cage shows, and already set up the Punisher lore and made us drool for him, it just makes sense he would be next on the list of Netflix shows. If you make this happen I promise the show will be a gold rush for you and Marvel.


[Image via HorrorCultFilms.Co.Uk]

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