15 Toys And Action Figures That Have Consistently Gone Down In Value

As much as we would all love to pretend that our toys and collectibles are slowly growing in worth, there are some that are just plain awful and actually depreciate over time. Yup, not all your collectibles are collectible, my friend. I09 has more: G.I. Joe Extreme Back in the day, G.I. Joe figures were […]


Amy Poehler and Tina Fey SNL “Weekend Update” Exclusive Action Figures SDCC

I am literally seething with rage right now. Nerd rage, too, which all you Hulk fans know is the most dangerous kind of rage to have. So why am I filling with boiling, lava-like rage right now? Because I cannot make it out to SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) and I just found out what […]

Funko’s New “Inside Out” Blindbox Toy Series

If you do not know what a blindbox is, I will give you a quick schooling. In the world of vinyl toy collectibles, a blindbox is when you buy a toy but have no way of knowing which one it is until you open it. Half the fun of blindboxes is that you never know […]

High-End Ninja Turtles Figures Based on Kevin Eastman’s First Napkin Sketch

Though the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may be a mainstream success now, there was a time when they were just a vision in two young creator’s minds. They first drew the idea for the characters on a napkin one day while they were out eating, and the rest is teenage mutant ninja turtle history. Now, […]

Hasbro Reveals Animated-Style Darth Vader and Older Ahsoka Figures

Hasbro has revealed new ‘animated’ style looks for Darth Vader and an Older Ahsoka which should be almost ready to release. Though we are all hoping for some teaser characters from the Force Awakens, these Rebels figures will have to do for now. Who am I kidding. That Darth is awesome, and most geeks know, […]

These ‘League of Legends’ are Figures Cute and Cool

League of Legends isn’t so much a game for some people as it is a lifestyle choice. To wander a magical world can be more appealing than to wander our 9-5 world. Good news for fans of that franchise, as they recently added a slew of League of Legends vinyl figures to their store. Recently […]

RANT: When Geekery Goes Mainstream, Do We Lose?

By Natania Barron Contributing Writer, [GAS] There are hobbits at Denny’s. I’m supposed to be excited about this. I’m supposed to be frothing at the mouth, declaring victory for second breakfast and showing up in my own home-made hobbit feet, singing The Road Goes Ever On and On and snapping pictures on my iPhone every […]