Funko’s New “Inside Out” Blindbox Toy Series


If you do not know what a blindbox is, I will give you a quick schooling. In the world of vinyl toy collectibles, a blindbox is when you buy a toy but have no way of knowing which one it is until you open it. Half the fun of blindboxes is that you never know what you’re gonna get (rumor is Forrest Gump loves them).

Funko, who is one of the fore runners in the modern vinyl toy resurgence has just released a lineup of blindbox toys for the new Pixar movie, Inside OutThe film itself is getting a lot of praise, and the figures look like they really do the awesome animation style justice. Plus, who doesn’t love a good “mystery figure” now and then?


[Funko’s New “Inside Out” Blindbox Toy Series]


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  1. Cute. But I prefer the Kinder choco eggs. If you’re not satsfied with your toy, at least you satisfy your sweet needs with some good chocolate. And in case you like your toy, pleasure is dubble.

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