15 Toys And Action Figures That Have Consistently Gone Down In Value


As much as we would all love to pretend that our toys and collectibles are slowly growing in worth, there are some that are just plain awful and actually depreciate over time. Yup, not all your collectibles are collectible, my friend. I09 has more:

G.I. Joe Extreme

Back in the day, G.I. Joe figures were ginormous—until they were relaunched in the 1980s with smaller proportions. Those eventually wound down, after Kenner and Hasbro merged. Post-merger, the company decided to try and recharge G.I. Joe toy sales, the same way they had with the Transformers Beast Wars figures. But, says Kent, “the last thing that GI Joe fans wanted was this new direction – five inch less poseable figures with action features and [Rob] Liefeld proportions. A high quality cartoon and strong marketing program could not make it work.”

The basic way to tell if your figure is gonna be worth more in the future. If it looks like it rode the short bus to action figure school, it is not going up in value. Yes, it is pretty much that simple.

(Image, story i09)