‘Captain America’ Backpack Shield Is The Coolest

Listen, you will either be mocked openly or embraced with open arms for it depending on your age, but I still think every young person in school should have this badass Captain America shield backpack. Heck, even if people did start making fun of you, you could just take it off, toss it at them, […]


Super Hero Comic / Movie Crossovers [Pics]

Brazilian graphic designer Bucther Billy re-imagined scenes from various Marvel films with their comic-book counterparts. Personally old-man Loki is my fav. [Via Tumblr]

Who Is Winter Soldier and Why Should You Care?

By now, you may have heard of this little film from Marvel studios called The Avengers. You know, the story of six of Earth’s mightiest heroes, saving the planet from a deranged demi-god and his alien invasion, biggest box office opening weekend of all time? Well this post has nothing to do with that. Except […]

Military Dad Disguised as Captain America, Surprises Son on Birthday [Video]

Is it a little dusty in here, or just me? [Via BroBible]

Marvel Superheroes Revealed

Today was a big day for upcoming Marvel Comics movies! Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we got our first glimpse of Chris Evans (The Fantastic Four, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) in-costume for his starring role in Captain America: The First Avenger set to drop later this year.  I really like the realistic design of this superhero […]