Military Dad Disguised as Captain America, Surprises Son on Birthday [Video]

Is it a little dusty in here, or just me?

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  1. My father was in the military too. When my Dad took "surprise" leave (vacation) from a deployment, I was so shocked by his sudden appearance that I literally forgot it! I have no recollection whatsoever of his walking through the door or my subsequent scream at seeing him. All I remember is sitting on the couch and my Dad being in the living room and a vague sense of astonishment about that fact.

    So that long silent stare the kid gives his Dad before he hugs him? I totally understand that. It was stunned silence. I'll bet you his brain came to a screeching halt and he literally did not know what to think about what was happening to him! (Haha, that poor kid… I bet it was even worse for him because he had to come to terms with his Dad possibly being Captain America…)

    It gets me a bit teary eyed, watching these kinds of videos. Not just because of my Dad, but also because my husband is in the military too, as are many of our friends. I can remember standing outside in a group with all the other spouses and families, waiting for our loved ones to come off that plane. I remember the laughter, the tears, the hugs. (The children either standing around stunned or clinging to their parent like an extra appendage.)

  2. I try not to watch these cuz they tend to make these horrible things called tears fall from my eyes… damn emotions!

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