My ‘Hands-On’ Experience with A Hands Free Electric Scooter (That Is Essentially A Hoverboard)

This is called a hands free electric scooter. It is basically a Segway without handles, and about as close as we can possibly come right now to the existence of an actual hoverboard. A friend of mine procured six of them (you read that correctly) and wanted to see what I thought. So how do I properly put into words what using one of these things is like?

Well, the above video seems to make it look easy, but I cannot express in words how inaccurate that is. Either that, the one I used was possessed by an evil spirit that wanted me to split my head on the sidewalk, or it is not nearly as easy as we have assumed and imagined up to now. Either that or I just suck at these things.

Still, be aware as they are all the rage right now among city dwelling geeks.

Vid Via

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