Most People Still Not Online

The day when most people in the world are online is not far off according to the UN. And it’s cost rather than logistics that is the main barrier for nearly all the rest. The UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) estimates that 47.1 percent of the world’s population now uses the Internet and that could […]

How Text Messaging Really Works [Video]

Even if you’re familiar with all the technology involved in sending text messages to and from cellphones, this video from AsapSCIENCE is a great overview of something many of us take for granted.

Google Two-Factor Authentication Becomes One-Click

Google has made two-factor authentication a little simpler to use. It’s now possible to confirm your identity on a phone with a single tap rather than typing a code. At the moment, if you login to Google on an unfamiliar computer and you’re using two-factor authentication, you have to receive a six-digit code though either […]

If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest… [Video]

Enough with the maps! We don’t even understand their meanings anyway. [Cracked]

Free eManual: Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual for IT Pros

For today’s free eBook, get the Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual for IT Pros for free! Being in IT I’m sure you know someone who’s been hit with ransomware or you have been though it yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to have a manual of what to do when you get hit and how to prevent […]

Texting While Crossing Road Could Land You In Jail

A New Jersey politician says people who text while walking should face up to 15 days in jail. Pamela Lampitt has proposed a bill making “distracted walking” an offense equivalent to jaywalking. The state bill “Establishes [the] motor vehicle offense of unlawful use of hand-held wireless telephone by pedestrians on roadways.” According to the Guardian, […]

YouTube Joins T-Mobile’s ‘Free’ Streaming Service

Binge On, T-Mobile’s “free” mobile data option for streaming video, will now support YouTube and Google Play. The move comes as the FCC continue to consider whether the option breaches net neutrality rules. The option means that any video from participating providers doesn’t count towards data caps, effectively meaning there’s no direct cost to the […]

Two States Could Ban Unbreakable Smartphone Encryption

Proposed laws in California and New York would ban phones with unbreakable encryption. California state representative Jim Cooper says the move is needed to prevent human trafficking. The California bill was introduced this week and its introduction explains that it “would require a smartphone that is manufactured on or after January 1, 2017, and sold […]

T-Mobile Video Throttling Dispute Heats Up

The head of T-Mobile has apologized for going on a profanity-laden rant against the Electronic Frontier Foundation. But John Legere continues to dispute the claim from the EFF that his company’s “Binge On” data program follows the ethos of net neutrality. The dispute follows T-Mobile launching a plan which excluded selected video apps from data […]

FCC Questions Data Cap Exemptions

The Federal Communications Commission is asking major broadband carriers to explain their policies on exempting some content from data caps. The commission is looking at the thorny issue of whether such policies violate net neutrality rules. The letters have gone to Comcast, AT&T and T-Mobile, which all offer Internet plans (cable for Comcast, mobile for […]

Lightbulb Could Be Wireless Router

A wireless connection using an LED bulb has been tested in an Estonian office. The technology achieved a 1Gbps transfer, though the theoretical maximum is 224Gbps. The basic principle of “Li-Fi” is the same as Wi-Fi, just using wavelengths of visible light rather than radio waves. Instead of using a router, it involves varying the […]

T-Mobile To Exclude Some Video From Data Caps

T-Mobile says its customers will be able to stream video without it counting towards data caps. But the move has some catches and has raised some questions about net neutrality. Under the plan, known as Binge On, data from 24 apps will not count towards the data cap for anyone currently on a 3GB a […]