Save BIG on 6 Months of Unlimited Talk and Text + 2GB of Monthly Data + FREE SIM with Boost Mobile – $50

Staying in touch with our loved ones is vital. With family members having to keep in touch digitally, we rely significantly on our digital and mobile devices. That brings forth more screen time and, ultimately, money spent on cell phones and data plans. Boost Mobile Prepaid Unlimited Talk & Text, 2GB LTE Data + Free SIM helps keep your plan budget-friendly by offering 52% off six months of usage.

Boost Mobile brings a fantastic alternative to other cell phone plans. They make it easy to save with unlimited talk and text, high-speed data with 99% nationwide coverage, and even a mobile hotspot. The ability to use an unlocked GSM phone you already own allows for significant savings and avoids unnecessary extra spending on brand new devices. Plus, there are no annual contracts, no credit checks, no monthly bills, and no roaming charges, making it easy to get started.

With Boost Mobile, you’ll experience more speed and power on what’s been coined “America’s fastest network.” So, how does it work? For starters, you’ll need to make sure your phone is compatible. Once that has been confirmed, simply purchase the SIM + plan bundle here and wait for your SIM card activation to arrive in the mail. A verified email will be sent from Boost Mobile, giving you an ePin to activate six months of service. At activation, you’ll select the 2GB data plan and use your ePIN credit, saving you money off unlimited talk, text & 2GB LTE data every month!

The Boost Mobile Prepaid Unlimited Talk & Text, 2GB LTE Data + Free SIM can be yours today for only $50, or $54 off the retail price. Want to save even more? With this limited-time deal, you’ll earn a $10 store credit within 14 days of your purchase if you spend at least $50 in-store, as long as your total exceeds $50 after any returns.

Boost Mobile Prepaid Unlimited Talk & Text, 2GB LTE Data + Free SIM$104 $50 for 6 Months

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