5GHz Wi-Fi getting more capacity

A government agency has announced a significant increase in the amount of unlicensed spectrum available for high-speed WiFi. But it may be some time before the average user sees the benefits. The announcement came today at the Consumer Electronics Show from Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. He says the commission has taken […]

Nokia web browser raises privacy questions

Nokia has admitted it does decrypt some internet traffic sent over “secure” connections on some of its cellphones. However, it insists there is absolutely no question of it accessing the information while it is in unencrypted form. The issue was raised by an Indian security researcher and involves the Nokia Xpress Browser. That’s a tool […]

Cheap iPhone Rumors Resurface

Apple is said to be working on a cheaper iPhone, though it’s not clear exactly how it will cut the costs. It’s not the first time that the company has considered such an idea, though. The rumors were reported in the Wall Street Journal, citing “people briefed on the matter.” According to the story, one […]

iPhone case increases touch options

A new iPhone case adds a touch-sensitive surface to the rear of the device. It could make a range of activities including games much easier, but faces a common chicken-and-egg situation. The gadget is designed by Canopy and called Sensus. It’s built in the same way as many cases, with raised rubbed corners that should […]

Ubuntu smartphone a possibility for 2014

The first smartphones to run Ubuntu may appear next year. Tech analysts are, to say the least, split over its chances of success. Canonical, the group behind what is one of the best-known Linux-based systems, says that smartphones running Ubuntu will also double up as computers through special docks that connect to a screen, mouse […]

The Truth About Wi-Fi [Pic]

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Google+ account needed for Play app reviews

Google has announced you’ll need to be a Google+ member to review Android applications in the Play store from now on. It’s designed to weed out bogus reviews, both positive and negative. Until now reviewers had the option to simply post as “A Google User.” In the future you will not only need to provide […]

Ingress: Google’s Augmented Reality MMORPG

It was bound to happen. With the intense popularity of World of Warcraft, and with Google’s Project Glass moving ever forward – it’s time for games to start blending with the real world in a mega multiplayer capacity. Google’s new game Ingress appears to be an Android-based augmented reality game – where you will interact […]

RIM offers free voice calls via BBM

Research In Motion has come up with a fairly stark method of trying to retain and even win customers: free calls on BlackBerry handsets. The feature does have some significant limitations, but could be particularly popular in some countries. The free calls will be through VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and will only be available […]

AT&T makes minor FaceTime backtrack but critics unsatisfied

AT&T has relented slightly on its restrictions on customers using Apple’s FaceTime service. But it’s still blocking some users and won’t have staved off accusations that it’s breaching net neutrality rules. The network angered users by blocking FaceTime over cellular (non-WiFi) connections to all but the customers who had signed up to its new shared […]

Amazon targets large groups with Kindle distribution tool

Amazon is introducing a podcast like distribution tool for documents, aimed at schools and businesses. The new free tool, Whispercast, allows an organization to link multiple devices in a form of network, though files only transfer in one direction. Managers will be able to put individual Kindles into separate groups (for example corporate departments or […]

RIM hopes two-for-one deal will save BlackBerry

Research In Motion is hoping that bridging the gap between personal and business phones will help revitalize its fortunes. It comes as sales appear to have flatlined in the US, although the company is having surprising success in Africa. At its “BlackBerry Jam” event this week, RIM publicly demonstrated some of the new features in […]