‘Awareness’ The Next Step For Wi-Fi

A new technology standard could make it easier for wireless devices to sync with one another, even if neither has an Internet connection. The standard comes from the Wi-Fi Alliance, the international organization that test wireless equipment not just for radio and data interoperability but also security. The group already has a standard called Wi-Fi […]

Wired And Wireless Communications Get Tech Advances

Three separate research projects could make life easier for both fixed-line and mobile Internet users. Qualcomm, Samsung and LG have unveiled work, covering fiber optic cables and rechargeable batteries. The Qualcomm Institute, based at the University of California, San Diego, says it has found a way to dramatically increase the capabilities of fiber optic cables. […]

AT&T Pays Huge Penalty For Mobile Data Slowdown

Federal officials have ruled that AT&T intentionally slowed down data speeds for customers on unlimited usage plans. They say the move was against regulations and have hit the company with a whopping $100 million fine. The ruling comes from the Federal Communications Commission. It’s not based on the actual slowdown itself, but rather the way […]

Researchers Claim Terabit Transfer Over Mobile Broadband

British researchers claim to have achieved a 1 terabit per second data transfer over mobile broadband. But although they used 5G technology, it’s far in excess of what anyone expects to be possible in “real world” use. The speed was reached by the 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey. They achieved it in […]

“Smartphone Killswitches Work” Officials Insist

Officials in three major cities say phone thefts have dropped dramatically since the introduction of “kill switches” to remotely disable a lost or stolen handset. The figures comes from New York Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman (pictured), San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and London Mayor Boris Johnson. They make up the leadership of the […]

Ubuntu Smartphone Finally On Sale

The first Ubuntu smartphone goes on sale next week. But it’s more of a publicity drive than a serious launch. The Aquarius E4.5 from Spanish manufacturer BQ normally runs on Android, but a new model will run on a version of Ubuntu developed by Canonical. Rather than go on full sale, a limited number will go […]

Google Cellphone Service: More Details Emerge

Google has reportedly made a deal to offer a cellphone service that uses both the Sprint and T-Mobile networks. It would combine this with use of currently unused frequencies to offer high-speed data in cities. A report by The Information says the project is codenamed Nova and describes a 2015 launch as likely. It would follow […]

The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From July-August 2014)

Continuing our look back at the stories we covered in 2014 and subsequent developments, we turn to July. The Department of Homeland Security brought in new rules saying all electronic devices, including cellphones, had to be powered up for security checks for flights into the US; those with dead batteries and no charger would not […]

Fight Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks with this Glowing DIY Hobbit Sting Sword [Pic + Video]

Youtuber Spark IO has taken a toy Sting sword and combined it with a Spark Core to transform it into a tool that glows when there are unsecured wi-fi networks nearby. To celebrate the launch of the new Hobbit flick, we made a version of Sting that turns blue near unsecured Wi-Fi networks. And when […]