Today’s Hottest Deals: Save on 1TB SDD, Wake-Up Light, Logitech Harmony Remote, and MORE!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumlbed on while browsing the web this morning: –SanDisk Ultra II 1TB SATA III SSD – $319.99 $269.99 + Free Shipping –Wake Up Light, Vansky Deluxe Edition Sunrise Alarm Clock Night Light Beside Lamp with Nature Sounds, FM Radio – […]

1997: The Birth of the Camera Phone

On June 11th, 1997, Philippe Kahn created the first camera phone solution to share pictures instantly on public networks. The impetus for this invention was the birth of Kahn’s daughter, when he jerry-rigged a mobile phone with a digital camera and sent photos in real time. In 2016 Time Magazine included Kahn’s first camera phone […]

Road Surface Could Generate Power

The notorious traffic of Los Angeles could generate electricity via crystals in the road surface. A pilot study aims to replicate existing set-ups that turn footsteps into power. The study will try to exploit piezoelectricity, which takes advantage of the fact that mechanical stress applied to some materials including crystals will build up an electric […]

Bots Learn The Art Of The Deal

Facebook reports that artificial intelligence bots can not only learn to negotiate, but can do so while using what could be described as a “non-human language.” The study from the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab aimed to get chatbots to use conversations to negotiate. One negotiation involved splitting up a set of objects (books, hats […]

How a GPS Works and Why the Technology is Free [Video]

Here’s a interesting video from Youtuber “Real Engineering” explaing how GPS technology works and why the US military made it free-to-use. [Real Engineering]

The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

Automation in the Information Age is different. Next step, the universal basic income from Star Trek. [Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell]

When a Mousepad Becomes a Wireless Charger

Logitech has produced a mouse pad with a built-in wireless charger. One downside is that it’s a proprietary technology. Seeing your wireless mouse run out of battery is certainly one of modern computing’s annoyances, often prompting the realization that you didn’t quite get around to recharging a spare battery and you’re going to have to […]

Computer Servers Could Make Hot Water For Homes

Dutch householders could have showers heated by computer servers under a creative, if potentially problematic project. The idea of Nerdalize is to bring together two problems: the need to extract heat from servers to keep them running well, and the need to heat homes. The theory is that combining the two will save money and […]

7 Amazing Origami-Inspired Inventions

Scientists and engineers are taking folding into the future! [SciShow]

Twitch Viewers Become Stock Traders

The stock market is the latest cooperative game for Twitch viewers, with one brave software developer putting up $50,000 for users to invest with their collective wisdom. While it’s primarily a platform for watching others play games, Twitch has had several experiments for collective play, including users coordinating chat room commands to complete an entire […]

Turing Tumble: New Marble Run Game Teaches Computer Logic

A new Kickstarter project aims to make a marble run game that acts as a mechanical computer. Turning Tumble involves players solving logic puzzles by constructing a pathway with six different parts. The game will ship with 51 puzzles to solve, detailed through a graphic novel storyline, though there’s scope for future expansions and user-created […]

Android OS Creator Makes Own “Essential” Phone

One of the men who created Android has unveiled a high-end phone. But at $699, Andy Rubin’s ‘Essential’ phone seems somewhat misnamed. The most notable different feature is a modular element. It’s not quite the Lego-like design that Google explored before abandoning, but rather a new form of expansion port. It’s two magnetic clips on […]