Amazing Pre-Cyber Monday Deals: Save BIG on Adult Party Games, LCD Mini Projector, RC Drones, and A LOT MORE!

With Cyber Monday just around the corner, Amazon has decided to reward us with awesome deals! It pays to be good! Check ’em all out below! –Save BIG on Select Party Games –Exploding Kittens: A Card Game About Kittens and Explosions – $20.00 $14.99 –Bears vs Babies: A Card Game From the Creators of Exploding […]

Little Miss Inventor Joins Mr Men Line-Up

A female engineer will be the latest star of the Mr Men Books. Little Miss Inventor will debut on 8 March next year, coinciding with both British Science Week and International Women’s Day. The publishers told the BBC that the character is “intelligent, ingenious and inventive.” The story features her coming up with relevant inventions […]

CRAZY 2017 Online Black Friday Deals

Yep, today is the day where the holiday season shopping craze starts, geeks. Don’t feel like rushing to the stores to get crushed beneath a human stampede? Here’s a few amazing Black Friday deals we stumbled on while browsing the web today. We’ll update this post a few times during the day and add new […]

100-megawatt Battery Ready To Use

Tesla is about to switch on the world’s largest lithium-ion battery. The 100-megawatt battery will be a back up for the power grid serving Southern Australia. The battery was commissioned after a storm led to a blackout in September 2016. Around 1.7 million people lost power after officials shut down supplies across the state; had […]

FCC Chief: Net Neutrality Is Dead

The Federal Communications Commission plans to completely repeal the rules governing net neutrality. It’s a more extensive step than earlier suggestions that it would simply tone down the rules. The plan announced today will have to be formally voted on by the commissioners at a meeting next month, though the political make-up means it’s almost […]

London Bus Runs On Coffee

The famous red buses of London could soon use coffee grounds as a fuel source. Sadly – or thankfully depending on your viewpoint – the buses won’t emit a coffee smell. The test is part of a wider project to reduce pollution from the thousands of buses in the British capital, with increased use of […]

Vinci 2.0 – The World’s First Standalone AI Headphones

Thanks to the Vinci 2.0 AI headphones, you can now run without a phone. It’s a music player, a fitness tracker, and a device that allows you to take calls, all in one. Its AI (Alexa) allows you to have full voice control over your headphones, for a hands- and eyes-free experience. The Vinci 2.0 […]

“Vantablack” Olympic Park Building Will Tear Hole In Skyline

An architect will use the world’s darkest material to make a building that looks like somebody has ripped a hole in the horizon. The structure clad in Vantablack will be part of the Olympic Park in South Korea for next year’s Winter Games. Vantablack is made of carbon nanotubes, which are one-atom thick sheets of […]

Holy Crap: Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS Robot Can Now Backflip [Video]

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS robot in action, but now, it seems the company has taught the robot a few new tricks, including backflipping from a stand. Check it out! [BostonDynamics]

Health Tech Firm Targets Your Unmentionables with New Fitness Tracker

A new fitness tracker will go beyond heartrate to measure breathing data – and it can live inside your underwear. The Spire Health Tag is based on a theory that the wrist isn’t the most accurate place to get health tracking information. Instead of a wristband, it’s a tag a little bigger than a clothes […]

Digital Pill Tells Doc When You Take It

A newly approved pill design lets doctors know the patient is taking the medication on schedule. It’s designed to pick up patterns rather than cover critical situations. The Food and Drug Administration approved the technology in Abilify MyCite, a drug used to treat schizophrenia and some bipolar disorder episodes. It’s also used as an “add-on” […]

SpotMini: Boston Dynamics’ New Robot is Frighteningly Fluid

In the past few years, you’ve seen several of Boston Dynamics’ robotic creations on Geeks are Sexy, and today, the company has unveiled the new SpotMini, their smallest robot yet. Even though it might look rendered at first glance because it moves so naturally and fluidly, it’s totally real. Check it out in action in […]