Google’s Go Victim Says Humanity Not Beaten


Leading Go player Lee Sedol says that despite losing four games to one to a Google algorithm, humanity isn’t necessarily outmatched by computers when it comes to reasoning and tactics in the game. Lee believes his defeat may have been because of other human limitations, namely emotion and fatigue that affect concentration. He says it’s […]

Minecraft Becomes Artificial Intelligence Testbed


Microsoft is to let researchers use Minecraft to test artificial intelligence technologies. It believes using the game offers a useful mix of realism and affordability. The open source program will initially involve researchers operating their software only on their own machines and in what’s effectively a walled garden within Minecraft. In the long run Microsoft […]

Hilarious IT Requests – Part II

Here is the second part of Solarwinds’ hilarious IT requests compilation! If you’ve missed part I, you can check it out right here. The folks from Solarwinds recently asked their community of IT professionals to share helpdesk horror stories with them, and even though I’ve experienced plenty of those in the past, these stories are […]

Free 3 Year Subscription to Innovation & Tech Today Magazine ($120 Value)


Update: Please note that today and tomorrow are the last days to take advantage of this deal! For today’s free deal, get a 3-year subscription to the Innovation and Tech Today Magazine, FREE! A $120 Value! This cutting edge publication features fascinating content, interviews, and product reviews from across a variety of sectors including: STEM, […]

eReports: Skill and Salary Reports for IT Jobs – Start Earning More!


For today’s free ebook, get a behind the scenes look at Tech Professionals Salary Reports. Here is everything you need to know to earn more in system administration and security, web development. data science and business intelligence, and application development. –System Administration & Security – Salary & Skills Report (+ 3 Bonus Resources!) Diverse and […]

Hilarious IT Requests – Part I


The folks from Solarwinds recently asked their community of IT professionals to share helpdesk horror stories with them, and even though I’ve experienced plenty of those in the past, these stories are both new and hilarious! I’d also like to say that I’ve used Solarwinds products quite a bit when I was working full time […]

Ear Canal Could Be Next Biometric Key


Forget the fingerprint: NEC believes the ear canal could be the secret to biometric identification. It says the system could improve security on confidential phone calls. The company isn’t the first to turn to the ear as a way of confirming identity. Last year Yahoo tested the idea of using phone touchscreens to capture an […]

Free Ebook: The Python Programming Cookbook


Here is our free ebook for today: The Python Programming Cookbook! Kick-start your Python projects with these hot recipes! Python is a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability, and its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than would be possible in languages […]

What Is Up With “Glimmers” on Titan’s Surface: A Theory


For those who don’t know, Titan is the 6th moon of Saturn, and we know VERY little about it, though our collective intelligent appetites are whet. What has us all even more enamored is the fact that recent photos from N.A.S.A have shown very distinct glimmers on the surface. What are they? The question of […]

‘None More Black’ Proves Incorrect: Vantablack is The New Darkest Material in the World


When Spinal Tap issue their next collectors edition of Smell The Glove, they should do so in a case made of Vantablack: the new darkest material in the world. Unfortunately that would pose a philosophical question. Vantablack is so dark because it absorbs 99.965 percent of the visible radiation spectrum. The name comes from Vertically Aligned NanoTube […]

Teens React to Windows 95 [Video]


Best line of the video (after the young lady sees Internet Explorer on the Windows 95 desktop): I can only assume that it’s even worse than we think it is right now. [Youtube]

Email Pioneer Ray Tomlinson, RIP

© Dan Murphy,

Ray Tomlinson, who developed what we now know as email, has died at the age of 74. As well as the technology itself, he created the use of the @ sign in addresses. Tomlinson worked at tech firm Bolt, Beranek and Newman and developed some key technologies for ARPANET, the military network that lay the […]