California Considers ‘Right To Repair’ Law

California is to consider a law that would give customers the right to get gadgets fixed by somebody other than the manufacturer. The Right to Repair Act would mean repair guides and any proprietary tools would have to be publicly available. While similar measures are already under consideration in 17 other states, California could be […]


Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube in 0.38 Sec [Video]

A robot that solves a Rubik’s cube in 0.38 seconds. That’s way faster than the previous world record of 0.637 seconds, and according to the robot’s creator, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. That was a Rubik’s cube being solved in 0.38 seconds. The time is from the moment the keypress is registered on […]

Clockwork Radio Inventor Trevor Baylis Dies

Trevor Baylis, the inventor of the wind-up radio, has died aged 80. His invention not only helped fight HIV but is credited with inspiring engineers and technology experts to think about products for the developing world. After a professional life that included stuntwork and underwater escapology, he began his inventing career by producing modified household […]

Energizer Makes ‘Five Day’ Phone

There’ll soon be an Energizer smartphone and as you’d expect, the battery life is the selling point. It could offer a five day life on a single charge. How long a phone lasts is a combination of the battery capacity and the efficiency of the phone itself, and Energizer has certainly addressed the former. The […]

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Today, get the “Penetration Testing Essentials” ebook (a $27 value) for free! IT Security certifications have stringent requirements and demand a complex body of knowledge. This eBook lays the groundwork for any IT professional hoping to move into a cybersecurity career by developing a robust pen tester skill set. [Free eBook: “Penetration Testing Essentials ($27 […]

Moon To Get 4G Network

If you can’t get decent 4G coverage in your area, there’s an extreme solution: two companies plan to build a network on the moon next year. Don’t book your flight yet, though: the network isn’t designed for human use. Instead it will be used for two lunar rovers as they explore the moon. You may […]

Learn How to Build and Code Websites With these FREE eBooks!

If you want to learn about web development, here are a few free ebooks we have that should put you in the right track! –Free eBook: “Thinking in HTML” For anyone who wants to understand the web and how it works, HTML is an essential place to start. –HTML5 Graphing and Data Visualization Cookbook ($15 […]

Global Smartphone Sales Suffer First Fall

The number of smartphones sold worldwide has fallen for the first time, but it’s still a ridiculously huge industry. The figures come from Gartner and are (well-informed) estimates, though the trends should be accurate as the company has been tracking sales since 2004. They refer specifically to sales to users rather than shipments to retailers. […]