Bohemian Rhapsody Performed on Twin Musical Tesla Coils [Video] (Bonus: Popcorn and Doctor Who Theme)

From Fabrício H. Franzoli: Just worked hard on this song. I composed each coil channel listening to the studio and Live version at Rock Montreal, 1981 version. Mercury meets Tesla, mustache power? For those interested, we have an old video featuring several awesome songs performed on musical tesla coins by ArcAttack, including Popcorn (3:50) and […]


Course: The 2019 Blockchain Developer Mastery Bundle (30+ Hours of Training) – 97% Off!

Master the technology that poweres bitcon and create your own blockchain projects with over 30 hours of training! Just $19 instead of $842. What’s included: -Starting with Blockchain Technology for Developers -Fundamentals of JavaScript -Cryptocurrency Investing Master Class -Bitcoin Investing Fundamentals -Starting with the EOS Blockchain for Developers -Building Cryptocurrencies & Smart Contracts -Building Cryptocurrencies […]

Get a Lifetime Subscription to ZenVPN for Just $34.99

Find your Internet zen: ZenVPN delivers freedom, protection and fast, uninterrupted speeds! Just $34.99 instead of $1,000 (96% off) for a lifetime subscription! Surfing the web on a public Wi-Fi connection can be a dangerous business. Steer clear of hackers with protection from ZenVPN. You’ll be free to access any of their servers located in […]

MOFT: The World’s First Invisible Laptop Stand

Laptops are amazing tools if you need to work on the go, but because of how they’re built, they often force us into awkward postures, causing neck and shoulder pain and diminished comfort. Laptop stands are there to solve this problem, but these are often to bulky to carry around… that is, until now! Introducing […]

Course: An Introduction to macOS Development (90% Off)

With this introduction to macOS development, grow your dev skills by creating your own weather app and slack clone. Just $19 instead of $199. If you’re serious about becoming a developer, you’re going to need practice. Packed with hands-on projects and guided instruction, this course will build your macOS development skills by having you build […]

Evo: The Smallest Global Travel Adapter

The Evo is a super affordable pocket-sized travel adapter that can be used in over 150 countries! The Evo has 2 USB interfaces built-in, allowing you to charge your gadgets directly from the adapter wherever in the world you are! As I’m writing this the Evo has already raised over $46,000 on an initial funding […]

Hexbot: A Versatile All-In-1 Desktop Robot Arm For Everyone

The Hexbox is a versatile all-in-one robot arm that can turn your desktop into a workshop. The arm can draw, laser engrave, and even 3D print, allowing you to bring your ideas to life! The first versatile desktop robotic arm with extreme 0.05mm high repeatability that turns your desktop into a workshop. Designed for makers, […]

Course: Beginner Full Stack Web Development (138 lectures & 25.5 hours of content)

Go from zero to full-stack hero a you create web projects with HTML, CSS, React, Node, and more! 138 lectures and 25.5 hours of content for just $19.99 instead of $200 (90% off.) This single course is the ultimate web developer bootcamp. Your one-stop shop to learn both front-end and back-end development. Through this course, […]