Uber Tells Drunk Passengers To Bop It… Twist It… Pass It


Uber is hoping kids’ toy Bop It can help pacify intoxicated passengers. Its one of several tech solutions the company is trying out. The Bop It toy is being trialled in some Uber driver cars in Charlotte, North Carolina. For those who’ve not had the pleasure, it’s a stick-like device that has a variety of […]

Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube in Just 1 Second! [Video]


Jay Flatland and his friend Paul are currently in the process of applying to get their Rubik’s Cube solving robot, which can solve a cube in just 1 second, in the Guinness book of world records. Be sure to check it out in action in the video above. [Jay Flatland]

Creepy Animatronic Baby Looks Unsettlingly Real [Video]


This animatronic baby was built by the folks over at Millennium FX and is shown with and without skin in the video above to showcase the marvelous complexity of the robotic baby. Update: And here’s another video featuring the “premature” animatronic baby that was build for “This Little Life (2003).” [neillgorton | Via LS]

T-Mobile Video Throttling Dispute Heats Up


The head of T-Mobile has apologized for going on a profanity-laden rant against the Electronic Frontier Foundation. But John Legere continues to dispute the claim from the EFF that his company’s “Binge On” data program follows the ethos of net neutrality. The dispute follows T-Mobile launching a plan which excluded selected video apps from data […]

Do Computers Get Slower Over Time? [Video]


It seems like a simple question most computer geeks would be able to answer: Does your computer slow down over time and get, essentially, weaker? So what is your answer? Exactly, you want to say yes but are truly unsure of the specs and details. That, my fellow geeks, is exactly why you should watch […]

RIP David Bowie: Internet Pioneer


While millions around the world are quite rightly celebrating the musical career of the late David Bowie, the tech community is remembering some of his pioneering work with the Internet. Bowie of course had numerous connections to technology and science fiction, including starring as an extraterrestrial in The Man Who Fell To Earth, portraying Nikolas […]

EHang 184: The World’s First Autonomous Drone That Can Carry a Passenger [Video]


The Chinese dronemaker Ehang, looking to distinguish itself from the crowd (and rival drone giant DJI), has a new product that brings autonomous driving tech and drones together. It is a single seat, self-driving quadcopter called the Ehang 184. It looks like an oversized drone with a cockpit stuffed in the middle, a flying analog […]

Court: Monkey Can’t Copyright Selfie

A macaque monkey is not legally able to claim copyright on a series of self-portrait photographs according to a US court. It’s the latest ruling in a series of lawsuits about who, if anyone, should profit. The image shown above was taken in 2011 in Indonesia during a photoshoot by professional photographer David Slater. However, […]

Contrast & Color Replace Resolution In TV Screen Hype


TV makers showing off their wares at CES this week seem to have abandoned the race for ever more pixels. Instead “high dynamic range” seems to be the new buzzword. Having told everyone how great full HD is, only to then turn around and say 1080p is pretty much equivalent to a child’s drawing and […]

New York Ditches Pay Phones For Wi-Fi Points


New York City is to replace pay phones with ultra-high speed Wi-Fi hotspots. The booths will still allow people without a cellphone to make voice calls, now without charge. The replacement program is set to cover 500 booths by this July with an eventual target of 7,500. That’s the vast majority of the 8,178 pay […]

E-paper Screens Replace Bus Stop Info Sheets

Public transport officials in London are experimenting with bus stop timetable signs using electronic paper. The idea is to blend the benefits of paper and electronic screens. Most bus stops in the city have printed paper displays for timetables and route information. That brings two main disadvantages. Firstly, the sheer hassle of printing new sheets […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Huge Sale on IT Books (Certifications, Programming, Windows, Etc.)


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers some amazing deals on various IT books. Whether you’re looking to get a certification (CISSP, MCSA, CompTIA, CCNA, + MORE!) or simply want to learn more about programming and/or operating systems, there’s going to be something interesting for you in there! –Wiley Certification Books Sale […]