The End Of The Mouse Is Nigh?

In 1963, while working at Stanford University, Dr. Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse. By 1970, he had successfully applied for and received the US patent for this revolutionary device, but would never receive a single penny in royalties for his creation. His patent expired in 1987, which was a year or two before the explosion […]

Manipulate Radiohead’s Laser-Made Music Video in Real Time

The folks from RadioHead just released a new video for their latest song “House of Cards.” The thing that makes this video so special is that no cameras or lights we used to film it. Instead, the producing team used two 3D technologies to capture motion and images: Geometric Informatics and Velodyne LIDAR. Geometric Informatics […]

Theo Jansen – The Kinetic Sculptor

Each time I see Theo Jansen‘s Kinetic sculptures, I feel like a little boy all over again, experiencing something new and wonderful for the first time. Essentially, his art could be defined as the perfect fusion between nature and technology, but putting words on such masterpieces can’t really make you understand how powerful his creations […]

Stanford’s STARMAC: The surveillance drones of tomorrow?

Stanford’s STARMAC, short for Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent Control, is probably one of the coolest remote-control helicopters we’ve ever seen. This is not a toy, remote-driven helicopter. The primary goal of the STARMAC project is to test and develop algorithms that will be implemented in future autonomous flying devices, such as the […]

WiFi Hits the Road with New Car-Based Networks

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] The road trip is about to be revolutionized. Chrysler has just introduced an in-car WiFi system that’ll let you surf the net while on the go. Uconnect Web — unveiled at a company event in Detroit today — will be available for all Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge models by […]