Dell O2 PC: A New Approach to “Green Computing”

We all know it; when manufactured, electronic devices create a tiny amount of pollution, and that’s where Dell wants to make things right. The O2 project is their answer to the problem, and I have to say that while their intentions are commendable, I doubt that it will ever make it to the real world, at least not in the near future.

In its current form, the O2 PC features some nice decorative elements such as a bamboo finish and some space to put a potted plant. I think the whole “plant” idea is rather interesting, but I’m having trouble imagining people watering their plant without spilling a drop over their PC. The computer would definitely have to be totally waterproof.

On the technical side, the O2 is composed of a biodegradable polymer skin based on cornstarch and bamboo. All the computer’s components can be easily recycled or re-utilized in case you don’t want to keep the system as a simple flower pot once you get that whole new 48-core system.

[Via Tuvie]

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