Apple’s Laptop Event Causes a Lot of Buzz

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

On Tuesday, October 14 at 10AM, Apple will be having a keynote to show off some new innovations for their notebook line.  The question is: what will those innovations be?

If the internet can be believed, the keynote will debut Apple’s next big bomb, a notebook that ranges from between 800 and 1000 dollars.  With the economy crashing, the tech industry has been feeling the slow-down as much as any other sector.  One of the possible life preservers for Apple and other PC manufacturers is the “sub-notebook” computer.  These are typically smaller notebooks good for checking email, word processing, and surfing the web.  Apple’s “Air” notebook is sort of a sub-notebook, but it’s far too expensive and too light on actual features.

There has also been a rumor going around about something called the “Brick,” which may or may not be a metaphore for what they hope to do to “Windows.”  Supposedly it’s a computer that has been machined out of a single block of Aluminum.  While this sounds trendy and chic, I’m not sure how something like this would really fit into Apple’s game-plan.  The Brick would probably look fantastic, but the costs of production would be very high initially and there is no reason to believe it will boost otherwise flagging sales.

Overall, I hope that something comes out of this keynote, for all of the rumors online in the last few days.  I’m adopting a personal wait-and-see policy until Tuesday.

[Via Wired]

Disclaimer: This blogger has minor financial holdings in Apple, Inc.

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