Hunt for the Cradle [Short Sci-Fi Story]

“What the frell do you mean ‘inconclusive’?” Jass rolled the chewed-up wad of cellulose he had been munching on and spat it into the nearby recycling bucket. The four-armed tub of barely sentient jelly that called itself a scientist shook its many chins in a way that probably indicated exasperation in whatever passed for language […]

The Mercy of Humans [Short Sci-Fi Story]

The Mercy of Humans: Part One I had heard about humans. Everyone in the Galactic Confederation knew about humans. Descended from predators, they were often violent, even to each other. They were contrary, illogical, confrontational and worse, easily angered. In the three hundred narns since the humans discovered FTL, they had dozens of armed confrontations […]